at last: the dry Bantu Knot-Out post.

hi all!

don’t get too excited; i’m still in the midst of my hiatus as i adjust to some stuff going on in my off-line life.  nothing bad at all; just different and time consuming.  so before we return to our regularly scheduled program, any posts that appear here will likely have to do with hair, since i still have like 5257485495 product reviews to do that i havent done yet, and since i still have to put up directions for the dry Bantu knot-out people have been asking me about.  i’ll be doing a video too, but for now, i just want to get up a (not so) quick written tutorial since i’ve been promising for so long.

so let’s get going! (c) Brian Fellow

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gangster kenyans steal lions’ meal. narrated for the hearing impared.

saw this video on the daily what yesterday and thought it was the coolest, most insane thing i’d seen since the honey badger was introduced into my life.  it’s amazing.  so amazing that everybody needs to hear and see it, but what about the hearing impaired? don’t worry yall.  i got you.  i shall narrate it for u beneath the vid.

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The Real Housewives of Civil Rights.

just watch it.
just watch it.

i stood up and did the slow clap in real life after this.


(thanks to @heyerinevans for this!)

and now, some valentime’s day trivia:

ur parents won't be too pleased when they find out what that heart REALLY means.

ah, valentimes.  the flowers.  the candy.  the last minute plunge into claustrophobia in the greeting card aisle at Walgreens. the annoying receptionist that makes sure you see the roses her fiancee sent her.  the bitter broads and brothers who gloom up your happy lovin’ ass with their LBS (lonely bitch status).  it’s all part and parcel.

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hey. HEY. yall see my new swag?

over there.  on the right.  your OTHER right.  that shoe.  that come-get-it shoe.  that one shoe.  that ‘i may have had my leg taken by the diabeetus, but this other foot gon stay FIERCE’ shoe.  it’s nice, right?  u jelly, huh?  i know, girl.  i know.

but i got good news for all the bloggers out there–you can get you one too!  all you have to do is sign up for the Red Pump Project’s 500 in 50 campaign.  if you don’t know, the Red Pump Project is a foundation dedicated to raising awareness about the impact of HIV and AIDS on the lives of women and girls.  you can find more info abt the project and its founders here.

and if you go here you can sign up for their 500 in 50 campaign, which is trying to round 500 bloggers up in the days leading to March 10th (National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day).  on that day, all participating bloggers are asked to do a bit of writing about HIV/AIDS stats/, info on the disease and it’s impact on women and girls, etc.  in return you get a badge of fierceness for your blog, and recognition and linkage at both Awesomely Luvvie AND The Fab Giver on that day.  click here for more info.

i’m all signed up and ready!  look, watch me do the stanky legg in my one undiabetic leg with my red pump on!  *falls over*

happy black history month!

i may or may not have this tattooed on my left buttcheek.

ashe, brothers and sisters!

updates here may be scarce here this month, as i am being moved by the spirit to educate your black asses (and non-black asses) on shit you didn’t even even know you didn’t know about yourself.  Little Known Black History Facts are back again this month, AND me and the good scholars at PostBourgie are reupholstering your kufis with kind of almost sort of daily episodes of Know Your History.

don’t let The Man keep you in the dark!  step outside your fool selfs and learn something!  and if you simply can’t stand the quiet around here, go take a peek at the tumblr.

Martin Luther the Kang is looking down and smiling on your from the cross.  be blessed!

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natural hair product review: JustNatural Organic Care

as you may or may not know, i am BEYOND product obsessed.. i waste spend sooo much time on youtube and google, just nosing around in what other naturals are putting in their hair, looking for products i’ve never heard of before.  i just want to try EVERYTHING, and if i cant try it, i want to be able to find somebody who has tried it and see how they liked it or loved it or hated it.

i’ve decided to make my obsession work for all the other obsessed out there and put some reviews of my own out there in the Internets.  my biggest problem right now, though, is that i can’t stop trying new stuff BEFORE i write reviews on stuff that i’ve already tried.  it’s like putting Bruhman from Martin in a room full of sammiches and telling him not to touch any of them.  you can’t do that!!  so i’ve put myself on punishment–no new stuff til i dish on the recently tried stuff.  first up:  JustNatural Organic Care products!

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