hey, young world.

so superficially, this blog is to keep my artistic nozzle dripping during the cold winter months so that the pipes don’t freeze up altogether.  but really, its just an excuse for me to come here and judge people without people judging me for judging people. 

 wordpress is weird and i dont get it yet.  i wld tell my readers to hang in there and be patient with me, but i dont have any readers yet and may not have none at all.  which is cool.  the important thing here is that i get to point and laugh at things like this:

Leon & the People
mashed potatuhs!  gravy!  and cranberry sauce!  wooo-hoooo!

LOL.  yes, this is none other than the solo-named Leon of ‘Temptations’ and ‘The Little Richard Story’ fame.  boo boo musta bumped his head and thought cause he held a mic on camera, he can do it off camera too.  wooooo!  shut up!

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