it’s amazing what gums will do for a guy.

he is an angry beaver no more.  curtis finally decided to start actin like he had some money and go see a dentist.  he looks pretty good! 

the bad news is that this oral upgrade is gonna mean a gangsta downgrade.  thugs dont go to the dentist.  they just keep their teeth jacked up & shoot anybody who makes fun of them. 

50’s new teeth (right); when asked to comment, 50’s old teeth (left) remarked that they were going to (quote) ‘ride on them wankstas’ (end quote).
**swagger jacked from young, black & fabulous.

3 responses to “it’s amazing what gums will do for a guy.

  1. Granted I can’t STAND fiddy…I do have to give him credit for getting his teeth FIXED as opposed to putting that nasty lookin platinum sh.t on them.

    Next up: a rapper BESIDES Will Smith takes elocution classes.

  2. hey, dont he kinda look like david from the real world new orleans? the ‘dweee daboo dee da boodeeee’ dude? lol

  3. didn’t Jadakiss once rap that he knew dudes who did bids just to get their teeth fixed?

    that’s pretty gangsta, if you ask me.

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