i wish my ass was a basketball.

here’s why.

bet he tastes like layups & banana puddin.  delicious.

 you better palm that ball, daddy. 

you.  palm.  that.  shit.

(more shots here.)

6 responses to “i wish my ass was a basketball.

  1. goodlord, i’m dying.

    I so wasn’t prepared for this.
    So very un-ready.

  2. *sigh*

    *twirls hair*


  3. he kinda killed it with the bamma ass tennis shoes, but uh… yeah.

    we might have to be ky vs. tn over this man.

  4. 1. Obama is FIIIIIINE!
    2. He has some big-ass feet! lol
    3. Michelle is lucky!

  5. bubblin' brown shuga

    lmao………..yo ass is a fool.

    you know good and well he tastes like caramel sugar daddies and not no dam banana pudding.

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