excuse me? who the hell is keston karter?



i bet even them wack ass tattoos taste like some goodness.

dear friends who knew about this man already & didn’t tell me:

you’re dead to me.  k thanx bye.

11 responses to “excuse me? who the hell is keston karter?

  1. i don’t like his boobs. =\

  2. dude. I wld go straight lesbian on them joints.

  3. his line is mad homo

  4. i’m not feeling his overly made up aesthetic. that whole shit smacks of a skrippa from baltimore. w/ a bad name. like “none illa” or “the crusher” or some mess.

    don’t get blinded by the man breasteses.

  5. omg. if i believed that any of u wld throw this dude out of ur beds, i’d give u all the money in my bank acct.

    all $5.63 of it.

  6. Listen yall, I’m a str8 Hot Ass Puerto Rican Kat who is HOTTER than this Kidd…..But……This ni@@a would make me go gay for a day!! Shhhhh don’t tell my girl tho.

    I could just imagine our pecks and abs together all sweaty…mmmm mmmmm gettin me HOT jus talkin bout it.

    And for all you ladies…psssss secret….. better watch yo men if u ever see this guy cause he will make and man gay for a day….Belive dat!

    • Hey Rico…NYG! N**gga you gay. LOL. welcome to the club.
      if you’re gonna tip on your girl with Keston or any other dude, just cuz of the way they LOOK, wrap it up. I ain’t mad at you. Do you.
      now let’s get a pic of you to see how many kats you can turn gay. 🙂

    • If he can make you go for a day…it means you’re gay the other 364 days without acknowledging it!

  7. Can anyone say photoshop? And lots of it.

  8. dis boy iz 2 fine

  9. naw sweets, that aint photoshop…he is fine as hell 4real! Check out this vid of him working out. Yum!


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