i think i have a new favorite video

so my number one music video of all time is, of course, d’angelo’s ‘untitled.’ im a girl, sue me. i can’t think of most of my other favorites right now, but kenna’s ‘hell bent‘ is definitely one of them. and foo fighters ‘big me‘ (that shit came out in 1995, yo. aint that crazy??). oh, and jamiroquai’s ‘virtual insanity‘ was fricken awesome. i had such high hopes for that guy and his hat. and for nostaliga’s sake–and does anyone else remember this besides me??–the young n da restless’ ‘b-girls.’ this was back when we aint have cable at my mama nem’s house, so me and my big brother stayed watchin the Box.

quick random story–i was always forbidden to call and order videos on the Box and it made me so mad because i aaaaaaalways wanted to see ‘parents just dont understand’ and it would never, EVER come on. so my young, dumb ass decides one day when im home alone to just call and order it because my mom wasn’t home and she’d never know. i clearly had never seen a phone bill before or knew how that worked at the time. so i call and i order my video. let me also mention that i never win anything. that’ll come in handy later in this story. so i call and order my video and i dont even think i watched the station long enough to see the damn thing. but, life proceeds as usual. moms doesnt say anything about me callin, i figure im in the clear. bout three weeks later, i get some drumsticks addressed to me in the mail, and they had the Jukebox logo on them. i had been entered in some damn contest and won. won and lost at the same time. welcome to my life.


i think i have a new favorite video! i was hipped to it @ concreteloop.com. i wish i was equally excited about he song, but erykah badu’s new ‘honey’ video is really, really awesome. full of personality & nostalgia–i felt like a G cause i could recognize most of the album covers in the video.

great job, erykah. if you have a moment or two, go holler at ur girl janet and teach her the right way to put out a video for the first time in a long while.

and seriously, let me know if anybody out there remembers that ‘b-girls’ video. 

4 responses to “i think i have a new favorite video

  1. Dope vid.
    Wish I cared enough to complain about how it;s not being played on MTV and BET… but I don’t.


  2. So um…how exactly did you “lose” in that story?

  3. because man, i got in trouble! when the drumsticks came to my house, with my name on the package and the box logo on the sticks, my mom was like ‘….wtf?’ and i was like ‘0_o’ and then she was like: http://i25.tinypic.com/zjuxk3.jpg and then i was like 😦

    so i lost.


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