‘nice job, jesse! oops, i mean obama!’

im never the first to hear about shit.  my interest in politics has always been near non-existant, and other than barack obama lookin like a bacon & egg sammich to me, i havent really paid much attention to anything going on until recently.  as such, my commentary on bill’s reaction to obama’s win in south carolina is a couple of days late.

quoth bill the clinton:

“Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in ’84 and ’88.  Jackson ran a good campaign. And Obama ran a good campaign here.”

…daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!  wtf!

im gonna be honest here and admit that the natural hater in me stood up inside my soul and applauded wildly because *that* shit is some pure grade A prime cut hateration for that ass.  he compared my delicious Obama sandwhich to day old Jesse Jackson meat surprise, and really, a comparison to Jackson is a searing, cutting insult.  like id be ready to fight if somebody compared me or my mama to Jesse Jackson.  in the streets.  with brass knuckles.  or shit without brass knuckles, i dont care, if u comparin me to someone who is at least *seen* as a big joke, i got honor to defend.  so, game recognizes game.  clinton landed a good blow.

but all that aside, fuck bill clinton for that yo!  i mean i wish he would have just kept it all the way real, pretended he was in the privacy of his own home for a second, eatin a baloney and egg sammich with his feet propped up on a coffee table (in my head, that is bill clinton’s favorite snacktime snack), and said: ‘so what, darkie!  remember what happened the last time your kind tried for this and got south carolina?  NOTHIN!  have a blessed day!’

 i mean really.  and like i dont wanna foo foo on jesse havin the balls to run for the presidency when he did, but come on.  jesse never had a viable chance.  obama does, and to compare his run now to jesse’s then totally strips him of that.  and for a statement like that to come from a campaign that contends that race doesnt matter?  are u serious?! this shit is like a KKK & jigaboo stew, just chock full of race relations, prejudices and vitamin D + calcium. 

you know, as of like a week ago i had no idea who i was pulling for, but as this sort of mudslinging goes on, im really being distanced from hillary, and her loudmouthed husband is helping out with that a great deal.  like they’re just not likeable people, and i think that in addition to having good ideas, plans, goals, and just being a good politician.. you have to be likeable.  i cld be flawed in thinking so, but im a right-brainer.  highly emotional.  i need to see some strain of humanity in you for me to decide that you’re okay in my book. 

watch it, billy boy.  the acid brilliance of your tongue just may fuck up things for your wife.


…that was a *really* good jab.  omg.

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