kanye gets dissed by… peven everett?

i was hipped to this whole thing by this dude right here

firstly, it has come to my attn that not many ppl know who peven everett is.  peven everett is awesome, and it makes sense that with a name like peven, u pretty much have to be.  go hip urself, then come back:  http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=46043533

dont worry, i’ll wait.


 done?  good.

so he has a song dissing kanye west.  LOL already.  like… how random is that?  and its awesome because it starts out:

‘so this what’s up, man.  this dude been hatin me for awhile.  he gon say im a unknown artist… but u got ur folks sendin me emails?  yeah?  aight?  okay, that’s what’s up?  it aint gon take me but a minute to let you know, playa.. i ain’t buy nunna my awards.’

so im like oh, okay, pev.. i aint really heard you get made before so im intrigued.. now im still wonderin why the hell peven fricken everett has beef with kanye, but at this point im interested in hearin it spelled out, and then…

 …a house/techno type beat comes on.  lol!  wtf?! now im not comfortable with callin this a gay beat, cause really, iont believe it is.  i actually like the beat.  but i can completely see everybody in Bump (they have a FANTASTIC happy hour, btw) dancin their lil stud collared asses off on a rainy friday evening.  what im sayin is that its just such an unconventional way to come at somebody musically. 

(ive been tryin to get the video to embed, but it hates me… u can find it here.)

and like some of the stuff he says..

‘i heard you bite my rhymes?’ 

really, peven?  like really?  u heard kanye bite some of ur rhymes?  for real?  like… really?

peven i love u, but u need more people.  it may very well be the truth, im just not buyin it.  i AM curious abt what brought this on, though.

this made me happy; random beef apparently makes me feel warm inside, and i dont think ive felt this warm since Jack Benson came at Sisqo.  good job, Pev!

8 responses to “kanye gets dissed by… peven everett?

  1. No lie, Peven’s live show is sick!
    (i have nothing else to add)

    good day.

  2. can u tell me what’s at the root of this beef? i assume that all black chicagoans should know this.

    even though u dont technically count as a chicagoan.


  3. the board of health closed three golden nugget restaurants today.

    there is no word as to the cause, but those close to the situation say that a lack of flavor and taste was the cause.

    oh that and the rat infestations.

    tune in at 10 for the latest.

  4. okay, NOW YOU’RE GETTING PERSONAL. stop it! 😦

  5. my site was linked, Yitidee! (c) John Witherspoon

  6. ‘i heard you was biting my rhymes.’


  7. Interesting read although I don’t normally peruse this site! FWIW beats that are danceable or over 122 bpm are NOT all categorizable as techno nor house (and techno is NOT house but that is another subject). Many jazz forms are also over 122-124 bpm. Lastly house music labeled GAY by people who only listen to the fodder that’s released now is a tragedy. Peace…

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