scarlett johansson clearly wants to fight.

im not tryin to turn this place into Obama Central.  though i wouldnt mind if it was, i know a few whinin ass men who would have somethin smart to say abt it (i see you, troy!).  but, i am sad to report that any ties that scarlett johansson and i have* are in danger of being severed.  look @ this tripe–i found it in today’s metro & then found it @

“I am engaged … to Barack Obama,” Johansson, 23, announced to Associated Press reporters as she returned from a her USO tour to the Persian Gulf. “My heart belongs to Barack, and that is who I am currently, finally, engaged to. Yes.”


hey, nichole.. i move that we put our own personal beef over Obama aside and go ride on this lil hollywood harlot.  agreed?

* – by ‘personal ties’ i mean im not gonna see no more movies with her in it.  though i cant think of any ive seen with her in it.  i liked her though, and she finna fuck that all up to be damned!

4 responses to “scarlett johansson clearly wants to fight.

  1. OMG.

    brb, gonna go download this song and play it over and over again on this lady’s answering machine:'t-Mess-Wit-My-Man-lyrics-Nivea/BB90542C56D3CD4D48256E81000A0E69

  2. i read that the other day and wanted to pop her in her big, dry ass pink mouf!

    you know i live 10 minutes from hollywood, right?
    i can go all soufcentral and do a driveby, but us tennesseans prefer to stab.

    but if i take care of her, i get dibs on o-baby.

  3. that woman is brilliant. did you read the caption? that was the price of her endorsement, baby.

    i might’ve charged a little more, but..

    *runs away*

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