new gnarls barkley!


i feel like mario & luigi shld be in there somewhere.

even when my dude was with goodie mob, i always said that id sit and listen to cee-lo sing the phone book for the rest of my life if the good shepherd ever presented me with the option.  i loved the first gnarls album, now im pretty fricken geeked for the second.

i was gonna blog abt the announcement of the album anyway, but luck decided to be a lady and reveal herself in the form of this blog.  click that link to download ‘run,’ a new cut from the duo, and this one to read the rolling stone’s review of the album.

hey, if u listen to it, let me know how it is.  i cant download it @ work, and Lucille, my home computer, is in a coma right now (get better, boo!).

somehow i never knew his teeth were that white & flawless.  with his mouth closed, he looks like he shld have teeth like the hessian from ‘sleepy hollow.’

5 responses to “new gnarls barkley!


    Yea that pretty much does look like super mario world lol.

  2. nokoolaide4methx

    I have nightmares about CeeLo’s teeth eating me.

  3. lemme tell u, i was conflicted for like 4 years of my life because i wanted to marry ceelo, but i was scared to death of him. i just cldnt reconcile that in my head. 😦

  4. they took down the song! argh.

  5. i shake my fist in angry disappointment. the song’s gone. if i ever get my mitts on it, i’ll make sure you & gene know about it.

    i love cee-lo. denzel teeth & all.

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