it’s gon raaaain on yo’ head

okay, let’s do this ‘page six‘ blind item style.  ready?

what North Carolinian hippety hop rapper acted as one of the billions of little brown childrens on the set of black blockbuster The Color Purple

gray hat, standing

got a clue?  i bet you’re wrong.

…why, it’s Phonte of Little Brother, of course!  told you you were wrong!

all jokin aside tho.. this is sooo dope to me.  like, can you imagine bein a part of one of the biggest black cinematic events in history, totally unaware that it’d ever be as big as it got, and then have pictures to reminisce on later in life?!  im jealous.

it took me a minute to figure out what was goin on as i saw the pictures though.  i went from ‘damn, life was tough in NC in 1985’ to ‘…danny glover is phonte’s daddy?!’ to ‘OMG ITS THE COLOR PURPLE!’

Phonte, far left
Danny Glover (middle), Phonte (far right), a grillion kids (everywhere)
Phonte & ‘Nettie’

id love to see more candids from the set, of/by/from anyone.   too dope.

*for more info on little brother, check out these links:  123

**all pics appear courtesy of Phonte (thank u!)

4 responses to “it’s gon raaaain on yo’ head

  1. nokoolaide4methx


  2. hiiim and nettie never paaaaart, ma kiiii daaaa daa

    *hand claps*

  3. My uncle had an extra spot on the Color Purple. At the end when Shug comes singing back into her father’s church, there’s a man jumping w/ a violin (*dead*). That’s my uncle!!

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