obama: 76 and still sexy.

so i think that ive decided that Fear the Beard is gonna be one of my new favorite sites.  its funny, informative, and–most importantly–almost completely obsessed with obama’s sexiness campaign as i am.  something i’ll need to know as an (official) obama supporter is:  does he have what it takes to be a sexy ex-president?!  i mean clearly he’s got the goods right now, but i dont know how i’ll feel if he ends up a lightskinned california rasin in his older days.  well, at least i didn’t know before Fear the Beard (and Freaking News) cleared that up for me:

yes we can… find obama a good hood barber.

not so bad, right?!  even with that lopsided Mayor John Street-type afro, i’d still hit it.

 …well we might have to shape that up just a little bit cause that’s borderline unacceptable.  u gotta keep ur wig right.

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