boom kat’s music video.

…i’m sure that most of you know that this entry will not end well. let’s do it quick and dirty, like rippin off a band-aid.  (im havin trouble embedding the vid on this page, so if it doesnt show below, click here to watch it)


BITCH SIT THE FUCK DOWN. sorry, babies. put some ointment on it, it’ll feel better.

no but seriously, i hope puff meets her in an alley and catches another charge. aim for the vocal chords and kneecaps next time, puff.

2 responses to “boom kat’s music video.

  1. I would like to draw to your attention to the fact that she said ‘I know I sound absurd’ within the first minute of the song…

    If she knows….

    And I know….

    Then why in the hell damn did she commit her self to that.

    Boom-Kack NY…indeed.

  2. I literally can not stop laughing..and this post is old as hell and I am still laughing!!!

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