wait–r. kelly’s ‘sex planet’ was nominated for a grammy?

what in the urinating pedophilic hell?

why?  how?  wtf?  ‘sex planet??!!?!’

i think this officially confirms that r kelly, while nearly illiterate and unable to form a grammatically correct sentence, has figured out the formula for successful mind control.  somewhere within these lyrics:

Jupiter /Pluto / Venus and Saturn /I’m leaving Earth girl to explore your galaxy /Ten to zero /Blast off here we go / We’ll be climaxin til we reach Mercury

…embedded in there somewhere is a subliminal message that says, “completely forget about all the little  girls i’ve peed on in my day and spend all your money on my mediocre, terrible metaphor laden music.  and oh yeah, grammy people?  hook it up! nominate in the name of love!’  and those grammy motherfuckers heard it.  and it worked.  may the lord save our souls. 

according to nymag.com, there are several reasons that i prolly shldnt watch the grammies, and lemme tell ya, that r kelly shit is tops on the list.  you prolly shldnt watch, either.

 but truth be told, with morris day & the time complete with jimmy jam performing, i probably will.  JEROME!  bring my my mirrah!

2 responses to “wait–r. kelly’s ‘sex planet’ was nominated for a grammy?

  1. I’m 1000 % positive (I see you Maury!) that Arruh made a deal with the devil a long time ago…and it must include an annual grammy nom.

  2. I don’t normally watch any awards shows because I never really care but, The Time, with Morris? Ooooo, I’m there. Do think they’ll brign out the mirror and that cape? That’s gonna be hilarious.

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