Obama Visits Longhorns, Heismans Hillary

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Presidential hopeful Barack Obama paid a visit to the University of Texas today.  Obama, no doubt attempting to win favor in the pivotal state, took a time out from preparing for tonight’s debate with rival Hillary Clinton to chop it up with students and faculty there.

The last leg of his visit to the campus lead him to the athletic offices.  He was allowed to hold Earl Campbell’s Heisman trophy and was inspecting it when he seemed to grow distant,

it when someone asked him, very informally, “So, what do you really think about Hillary Clinton?”

Obama took a breath and said “Shawty fine.”  Looking around the room and seeing a sea of puzzled stares, he added, as if to clarify, “…Breath stank.”  He then commenced moving to the left, then to the right, and to the left and then right again.

Since this performance, there has been quite a quiet outrage among faithful Longhorns and college football fans who maintain that it was disrespectful of Obama to strike Desmond Howard’s pose while holding Earl Campbell’s statue, but this is a misunderstanding.  Obama’s symbollic act was not about football at all–he was simply doing the Heisman on that hoe.

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