your Black History Month soundtrack.

libations and harambee unto you, my brothers and sisters.

i wanted to give you guys a black history month treat that would surely tickle the ancestors pink.  how many times have you said to yourself, ‘self, i wish there were other Black History songs other than that ‘sing sing celebrate’ song that was out when i was a wee toddler.’  well my friends, bow your heads and say a thank-you prayer for kfc, for they have heard your call.

with hits like “KFC Pride 360” and “At the KFC,” and “Let’s Have a Party” (‘let’s have a party/in the community/bring out your family/down at the KFC’) you can reflect on how far you, my nubian beauties, have come; finally, you can put on your kente cloth and do a ceremonial interpretive dance celebrating our progressive triumph over horrible, defaming stereotypes against the backdrop of an album full of black folks singing of the irresistable deliciousness of fried chicken.

no, i am not making this shit up.

thank you, KFC.  my blackness now finds you inexplicably relatable.

ashe, brothers and sisters.  happy Black History Month.

3 responses to “your Black History Month soundtrack.

  1. oh God…why black people? WHYYYYYY?

  2. I want to laugh but I don’t. Since when do family values and KFC intertwine?

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