just in time for women’s history month.. be Plies’ ‘bust it baby’

to tell you the truth, im not too sure what a ‘bust it baby’ is, but im pretty sure that its not something that young women, or old women, and especially black women, should be aspiring to be.

now ima tell you somethin else–i watch a lot of bullshit. . like, trashy reality television is my thing.  i watched, very proudly, the first 2 seasons of ‘flavor of love,’ both seasons of ‘i love new york,’ and im currently trying to stomach through ‘flavor of love 3.’  what can i say?  i like feeling superior to people.  its fun to me.  and reality shows are the greatest thing for that.

but this shit i dont want nary a part of.

pardon me while i go weep with the ancestors.

12 responses to “just in time for women’s history month.. be Plies’ ‘bust it baby’

  1. *cries for all of womanhood*

  2. Tennis skirt sans draws??? is THAT what’s hot in the streets?

    I still don’t know what a Bust It Baby is either…

  3. I was in the video and the oppurtunity presented it self and i took it what’s wrong with that? People are entitled to there on opinion i’m ok with that because i know who i am and what i said i ment. And for those who wants to hate comment on this go to my myspace http://www.myspace.com/rholiya and yes i’m the one in the white dress. I’ll be the first to say that i didn’t like how i looked in the video but ugly never that I will continue to live my life and do me and you do the same. I am self employed i own my on home and loving what i’m driving this is reality tv you don’t know what we do on a daily basis but thankyou for watching i now no what you do.

  4. *looks at the reply above and WISHES it was posted on okp so they could tear that poorly written shit to shreds*

  5. How much did you get for your soul rholiya ??

  6. *cries for the future of Black Children*

    Are all these chicks gone off that *insert drug of choice*

    And that lady with the Baby Phat dress thats is somebodies AUNTIE!!

  7. rholiya, id love to interview you and hear more about your experience. you interested?

    ps – hey cesar millan – are u the famous cesar millan? the dog whisperer dude? if not will you pretend that you are for my sake? additionally, will u marry me?!

  8. I would have loved to show up at this casting, with a camera, my laptop and Juanita Bynum. THAT my friend, would be a youtube moment.

  9. Unfortunately I am taken….but would you like to be my “Bust it Baby”? (I’m still not really certain what that is, forgive me if it is derogatory)

  10. I am just thinking that the ladies in the video may not understand what this “Bust It Baby” means. I assume it means busting a nut. As nasty men would say.
    I don’t think these ladies thought anything they were doing was wrong. It’s a wonderful way to get attention. Just the wrong way to get attention.
    There’s enough big booty video girls out there, not enough black business women or ladies in general who are changing their world. I challenge you to turn the tides for you and your future.

    Seriously McMillan
    Author of She So Ghetto
    Founder of Urban Etiquette

  11. BedStuyNative


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