america’s next top model: cycle 10, ep. 1.

what is this, the 10th season? this show has been on since i was 15 years old? are you serious?

that’s nuts.

anyway, i had no intention of watching this season because reality tv sucks big fat infected ass these days. idol is wack. i keep forgetting to watch ‘making the band’ (hence the lack of recaps here), same with flavor of love 3. there’s just a lot of sucking goin on. tell you what, u want good (semi) reality tv, watch the first 48 on A&E. awesome show.

anyway, i just happened to catch the second half of the first episode of the season on tv today, and i think i may see some promise coming primarily in the form of 23 year old Marvita.

with a name like Marvita, she kinda has no choice but to be fabulous.

i like her. i dont know if she’s pretty, but i think she’s got a unique blend of facial features goin on that should make for some pretty good pictures if she knows what she’s doing. also, she hates this girl.

her name is Fatima and she’s snooty, holier-than-thou, and generally annoying. Marvita’s distaste for her is surely a testament to her common sense. go Marvita!

and can we talk quickly about the absurdity of their first photo shoot please? correct me if im wrong, but the theme was homelessness, and for the shoot the models were to pose as homeless women with actual homeless people who were dressed in nice clothes (aka – as ‘real people’)? wtf? whose idea was this? what happens when the shoot is over? ‘kay, thanks homeless girls, you’ve been great! oh um, yeah, we’re gonna need those clothes back. you can pick up your fingerless gloves and flea blankets on the way out. kay thanks buh bye!’ totally absurd.

also absurd: this woman, in the year 2008, is a plus sized model.

america is retarded.

6 responses to “america’s next top model: cycle 10, ep. 1.

  1. oh how i long for Toccara…

  2. They’re so skinny. 😦

  3. i repeat, dear friends: america is retarded. :/

  4. They do two cycles per year, so it’s only been on for five years.

  5. WHEW. that’s a relief.. i thought i was really old and just didnt know it!

    ps – HI JANIE!! 🙂

  6. No problem. Survivor also does two cycles per year. That’s how I learned about this whole “cycle” thing. Tyra was interviewing Jeff Probst on the Tyra Banks Show. Jeff said there had been 15 cycles (the current one is number 16). And that’s when I realized they do two a year. Because the first Survivor DID NOT come on when we were 10. Tyra went on to explain the two cycles per year thing.

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