keith olbermann takes hillary to the woodshed.

this is just too good not to spread around the internets.

the clip below is keith olbermann’s special comment on hillary clinton a day or two ago (i found it linked @ okp).  please witness as olbermann verbally beats the shit out of hillary with a wet towel for nearly 10 full minutes and sits her in a corner so she can think about what she’s done re: this geraldine ferraro mess. 

 this man takes it all the way to churh, runs through the sanctuary, gets the holy ghost, and brings it back again.  i actually shouted ‘hallelujah!’ somewhere around the 8 minute mark and when the whole thing was over i turned around lookin for ushers passin around a collection plate. 

i think ive found my vote for obama’s VP.

5 responses to “keith olbermann takes hillary to the woodshed.

  1. KO is just another liberal media wuss who is so insignificant he has to peddle himself to make aeenie weenie name for himself. This is whats wrong with MSNBC wussies. They remind me of a theird class agency that is worth neither the hype nor trhe parnaphalia that they parade. Just abunch of political hack jobs with neither ethic nor brains.

  2. hypothetical situation: let’s say that keith olbermann is a coke snorting cannibal who eats midgets simmered in a light cocaine sauce for breakfast every morning. be that as it may he STILL said a lot of important totally correct things abt dear hillary. his taste for narcotic-laced dwarves doesnt negate that–nor does his “theird class agency” membership. keith olbermann is ur daddy. claim it & accept it!

    ps – what is ‘parnaphalia?’ it sounds like a very painful physical health condition.

  3. I take offense to the comments of Mr. Bowie, NV(assuming that’s his real name). Keith’s roots were in ESPN, before he made his way to MSNBC, which means not only is he significant, but he’s kind of a big deal. And if they weren’t worth the hype or the newly created word “parnaphalia” that they parade, I sincerely doubt you would have been moved to make pointed comments on Brokey’s blog.

    That being said, Keith is hella annoying. But damn if he didn’t make some correct, scathing points.

  4. im really concerned abt this ‘parnaphalia’ business. i think that’s the scientific name for ‘bird flu.’

  5. OMG!
    “coke snorting cannibal who eats midgets simmered in a light cocaine sauce for breakfast every morning”
    ROTFLMAO *gasps for air* *rolls on the floor sommore*

    I know a couple of folk like this.

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