marvita noooooooooooo

sigh.  i guess i wasnt too surprised, but my girl vita got sent home last night.   now the only show i saw other than this last episode was the very first one.. there’s too much damn reality tv on these days and i can never remember what show comes on when; it was actually just by chance that i caught this one.  im glad i did though.  if she was gonna go, i wanted to be able to bid her farewell.

honestly, i didnt/dont think that marvita is what i wld call ‘pretty,’ conventionally, but fuck that, u don’t HAVE to be pretty to be a fashion model, u just have to be anorexic really tall & really thin, which she is.  and i think that her unconventional looks are (or at least wld have been) a plus for her.  they’d call her ‘edgy’ and ‘fierce, bitch!’ and love her cause she’s different and ‘exotic’ (*cringe* @ that word).  but sis just didn’t think she cld do it, and that showed.  she had ZERO idea how to model.  like, zilch.  but!  i think there was untapped potential there.  i just looked through her portfolio, and her other pictures weren’t bad!  actually i think she looks sorta like kelly rowland all done up.

does this mean kell-kell looks like vita when she wakes up in the morning?

but, alas, i bet she was probably intimidated by the other girls on the show, and in the end.  it did her in.  that, and this horribe, depressed ‘who stole my mittens and my first born son?’ assed picture she took.

peace, boo!

in other news, fatima is still a classist, elitist, snobby, annoying, better-than-you, holier-than-thou, really annoying, sandwhich deficient sack of bones.  what else is new, huh.

i have to say that i was a little tickled at dominique and what’s-her-name’s fight (whitney?  tiffany? i dunno, the ‘plus-sized’ one).  dominique was completely ridiculous for calling her racist–she had no base for that–but my girl totally made me smh @ her when she said those 5 fated words that some white folk immediately look to whenever someone fires that missile at their ship:  ‘my best friend is black.’  lmao.  GROAN. 

speaking of dominique, she kind of looks like Hoopz from ‘flavor of love’ fame history, no?




pic sources: marvita, kelly rowland, marvita, dominique, hoopz, respectively.

3 responses to “marvita noooooooooooo

  1. I was sorry to see Marvita go. The faux-hawk was interesting

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  2. I liked her too, especially in the ep she was eliminated. Her personal style was fierce.

  3. hell naw dat chick dont look like Hoopz, yah need sum glasses…for real!!!

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