ooh girl!

that’s a little bit excessive, girl!

8 responses to “ooh girl!

  1. This video has me conflicted. Partially because I do not have sound on my computer at the moment, but mainly because of the way the guy in the back is drapped over the hood of that SUV. What is his function? Why is he overexpressionating?
    Make it stop..make it stoooooop

  2. Well. I liked this so much, I watched it twice. That’s TWO TIMES. My favorite part is when the lead guy says “It would be probably be uncomfortable, to be that sexual” and then the backup guy says “chaffing.” That was pretty awesome.

  3. box of condoms+sliquid+a doobie + that yt boy = *mary jane girls voice* all night long

  4. haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  5. LMAO!!!!

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