petition to hillary: get some actright! :: lol @ mccain’s life

sort of a tie-in with the post about mccain’s 175th birthday shindig the day the katrina hit, i have two things for you.

the first is a petition that a compadre of mine worked up, basically tellin hillary ‘looka here.  your people are mangy racists who are gonna plunge this country into peril and we’re gonna need you to do somethin abt that k thanks bye.”

its addressing the fact that so many of hillary’s followers would rather vote for mccain or just not vote at all rather than vote for obama.  and that brings me to my second item:

you’d rather vote for this guy?  really?

…how many chromosomes are u missing?

and wtf is up with that creepy blink he does?  it makes my insides itch.  in a bad way.

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