iLove the New Millenium?


..for real?

like are they gonna do all the 20xx years, or just 2000?

am i the only one who thinks this is kind of.. stupid and premature?  like, the big entertaining factor of these ‘i love random decades’ shows is the nostalgia.  i cant feel nostalgic over somethin that just happened 8 years ago.  i tried to watch it.  i tried to care about it.  failed on both fronts.

‘hey, remember when whoopi goldberg was hostin all those award shows!?’

..yeah she just hosted another one last week, ass.

next thing you know, they’ll have a recurring show called ‘i love yesterday’

oops!  that’s ‘best week ever.’  nevermind.


4 responses to “iLove the New Millenium?

  1. I want an “I Love the Future” show.
    Like that show they used to have on like TLC or The Discovery Channel back in the day, ‘Beyond 2000″.
    All they showed was shit that wasn’t being mass-produced for like 5-10 out.

    I watched that jawn ALL DE TIME.

  2. conan o’brien could do it! itll be just like his ‘in the year 2000’ skit from his show. i love that he kept doing it even AFTER 2000 btw, that was dope

    i never seen this ‘beyond 2000’ show tho. when was it on? did they show ppl teleporting and shit in 2001?

  3. BAM:

    I remember it used to come on like 5:30ish at one point.
    Cause I’d be sitting on the couch watching it and my mother would come home right during the last 10 minutes and talk through the whole thing.

    *smh* LOL

    But they had all sorts of dope stuff on there…

  4. BedStuyNative

    I actually watched some of this the other day because I swore it was apart of some bigger comedy show, like a skit or something.

    The 70’s thing was cool, the 80’s cute, even when they hit the 90’s I thought they were pushing it.

    Didn’t the do a I Love the 70’s part 2? It’s like they’re reaching for crap to put on.

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