oh, speaking of D’Angelo…

..that comeback looks a little far off if u ask me.

and to clarify:  d’angelo’s the one on the left.



pic courtesy of okp.  thanks to this guy for the heads up.

6 responses to “oh, speaking of D’Angelo…

  1. LOL at the clarification.
    D better bring it. It’s been eight years and people aren’t going to let him forget that he kept them waiting if he can’t deliver.

  2. he looks like Martin did in that episode when he stole away to a monastery

  3. SheWhoMustNot BeNamed


    And WTF is this BS?

    “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)
    * things you don’t know about nick cannon.”

    How in the hell is THAT related to THIS?

  4. well.. both nick cannon and d’angelo need to go lay down somewhere. maybe that’s how they’re related?

    & LMAO @ rashad.. too right!

    he looks like he smells like old chicken grease and pine tree air fresheners. ugh.

  5. lol yall see him try to bring back the sexy pout?


    it makes me laugh in judgement and sigh with sadness at once.

  6. experienceaurie

    it’s a damn shame!!

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