one of the most disgusting commercials ive ever seen (updated)

ive been meaning to write about this for a long while

THIS shit makes me want to vomit up my entire life and hopes for the future.

i trust i dont have to say why this is the nastiest most disgusting tripe i have seen in many a year.


**UPDATE:  it has been brought to my attn that the vid above dont work no mo.  i cant see youtube at work (and barely at home, for that matter)… can someone tell me if either of these links involves a man sittin next to a water cooler chewin some mentos?


3 responses to “one of the most disgusting commercials ive ever seen (updated)

  1. It says the vid is no longer available!!! What was it?
    I missed it!

  2. OMG
    That last one you linked ain’t about no water cooler.
    And I think that is one (two) of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen.

  3. The first link was the water cooler video, but it was removed from YouTube because of some kind of violation. The second link is a Mentos commercial, but it is WAY more disgusting than the water cooler one. There is a guy outside on a boardwalk with no shirt on. He chews some Mentos, and his nipples grow outward like Pinocchio’s nose until they are like four inches long. Then he skates around on the boardwalk, goes to a club, etc. He uses his nipples to scratch (I guess that’s what you call it) records as a deejay. He also uses one nipple to push the button in the elevator. Women are apparently turned on by the nipples. The nipples can dance and move of their own accord. It was super creepy.

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