seductive baby of the day

so i keep getting these great ideas for recurring themes/subjects in this blog but i always forget them.  or i’ll do one installment & then forget about it.

my latest idea is ‘thing of the day.’  it’ll be particularly helpful when i cant find anything i wanna type about (or am just too lazy to type about anything).  let’s see how long this will last, shall we?


6 responses to “seductive baby of the day

  1. why is your comment box all the way down here? i don’t expect an answer.

    this is a damn good idea.

  2. Please say the baby…
    and bfnh is right..the fall from the text to the comment section would even scare Wile E. Coyote.

  3. We down here like Morlocks and shit.

    That baby is gonna rack it up in 15 years, yo.

  4. put that baby in a suit and he’ll resemble scrambler. mutant massacre’n these hoes.

  5. That baby got swaggz

  6. you know what, i have no idea why my comment box is all the way down here. ive often wondered.


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