so brandy’s coming back. word yet on whether or not her hairline will be joining her.

wait, this just in:  new promo pics confirm that the two have apparently not yet reconciled after years of abuse of the hairline by brandy’s braids.

but seriously folks.. more promo pics + the new single ‘right here’… here.

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9 responses to “so brandy’s coming back.

  1. Brandy should arrange a consultation with Susan Taylor, who seems to be more than comfortable with rocking the George Jefferson

  2. You have crossed the line, Brokey McPoverty.
    While other OKP dudes may ride hoard for Alicia Keys, I ride equally (but secretly) as hoard for Brandy!


  3. LOL


    and aint u always talkin bad abt philly weaves?!! HOW CAN YOU ACCEPT THIS BUT TALK BAD ABT PHILLY WEAVES?!

  4. She kinda has to come back doesn’t she? I’m thinking maybe she’ll need a loan Mz. McPoverty cause we all know she fudged up when she hit that women. I really don’t like that pic by the way.

  5. She should not have a weave.
    If I had a chance to Badu her brain, I’d get her to cut it all off and go natural.

  6. Brandy’s hairline has a restraining order against her eyebrows

  7. LMAO!!

    mike i just choked on air in my throat

  8. her hairline saddens me to the core
    abused and gone so young =(
    did it ever have a chance, really?

  9. you know, that’s a good point.
    i dont think ive ever seen her with a strong hairline, not even when she was little. remember when she was on thea?
    that shit was even MIA way back then.


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