HOW CAN YOU NOT SMELL THAT PEPPA?! (now with video!!)


i have a feeling that im the onliest one in this fan club, but SNL’s Uno’s Pizzeria sketch from saturday?  JEEZUS.  lol i laughed SO HARD.  and it’s hard to laugh when you’re at war with yourself and your general sensibilities, as i was during the entire thing. 

i dont have a link to any video of the sketch (if somebody out there has it pleeeeeease drop the link in the comments!  ive been searching everywhere & back), but it basically captures a scene of a completely eccentric & all around weird Uno’s Pizza waiter in a doo-rag and (i think?) some kind of kmart athletic jersey.  he’s a little rotund, can’t stop twirling the strings of his doo-rag, and is very sensitive to the smell of pepper, as is evidenced in his constant chattering abt it.

the waiter has a really funny down south/midwest flamboyant “black” accent (as much as one can “sound black,” he does).  he introduces himself to his table (michael phelps, who is a gotdamn horrific actor and should stay his ass in the damn water and shut up forever, and um… kristen wiig?  that other new girl who’s name i cant remember?  i dunno, some brown haired girl) by saying:

‘hello, my name is (whatever his name was) and i will not be yo server tonite.  I WILL BE YO EVRYTHANG.’


later he asks the guy:  ‘CAN I ASK YOU A SECRET?!’ and then later, in the middle of their conversation, which was in no way about pepper, he stands up and yells, “HOW CAN YOU NOT SMELL DAT PEPPA!??’

my description is way ineffective and if u didnt see it ur prolly not laughin right now.  hell if u DID see it, you may notta laughed.  of all the ppl ive talked to abt it, im the ONLIEST ONE who found it funny.  i dont get i!  well yeah, i kinda get it.  when the sketch started i was disgusted because this is the guy who was shouting about the stage in an uber thick blaccent:

can he ask you a secret??!

can he ask you a secret??!

mhmm.  white as a lily dipped in marshmallow cream.

so of course, a white guy impersonating/characterizing a black person or black culture, generally, treads a fine, fine line.  as soon as i saw him in that damn doo-rag and heard him speak, i decided not to like it.  but yo.  shit was funny to me, i dunno what else to say. 

that’s new cast member bobby moynihan, by the way.  he’s a former member of the famed Upright Citizens Brigade, and as of yet i can’t decide if he’s a funny guy or if he just lucked out with the pepper man.  time will tell.  this + the palin sketch were the highlight of the night for me.

did i mention that phelps the only time phelps shld try his hand at acting is by acting surprised when he wins swim meets?  he’s ass.

also, little wayne’s guitar solo?  LMAO.  i wish i had video of that, too.  these clips have to be out there somewhere.  somebody help meh!

UPDATE!!  we have video!!!!  thanks to DR & Adouble for giving us the links!  i will have both of your babies!!!

FF to the 2:20 mark:

31 responses to “HOW CAN YOU NOT SMELL THAT PEPPA?! (now with video!!)

  1. i think it’s funnier out of context when other people do it. “how can you not smell dat peppa?!1one” is a fantastic catchphrase for discussing the stench of rotten naughty bits. overall though, i hated the sketch, but, it might still be a winner?

    yeah, i know that doesn’t really make sense.

  2. that was amy poehler in a bad wig.

    i pretty much felt the same conflict. i started out blank-faced than a mug but every time he said it, i couldn’t help but crack up.

    lil wayne did his thang but when he plucked on that guitar, i was done.
    and that last little estranged note that punctuated the end when he tried to hold the instrument aloft in his arrogance…


  3. NICHOLE!! YOU ARE MY NEW BEST FRIEND!! is there any way i can ever repay you for the sweet validation you have just delivered me?!

    if i had money, id send you a cookie boo-kay!

  4. LOL

    I was kinda on the fence about it, too…
    But after taking into account that the dude didn’t dress up in drag as a stereotypical sassy hood Black woman, and was in male clothes made it that much more ridiculous.

    The whole smelling the pepper thing was kinda on point, though.
    I don’t know anyone other than Black jawns who can detect a faint trace of something unpleasant smelling and act like someone dropped a rotting cow carcass in the room. Spraying air freshener and gagging and all that… LOL

  5. lmao ihsan.. yeah, i mean, when u really REALLY think abt it, speech, dress, all of that is learned behavior. a white kid growin up in meridian missississississippi (i lost track of my s’s in the middle of that. can u tell?), if he lives in the hood surrounded by ppl wearin fubu and sayin ‘peppa,’ then he’s gon wear fubu and say ‘peppa’ too, b/c its the culture he was brought up in. so there cld very well be such a white man like that kickin and thrivin and whatnot!

    i left my kid on the bus!

  6. No, you’re not the only one! That shit was FUNNNNEEEEEEE! At first I was like WTF too…but he kept saying PEPA and by the end I was in tears

  7. I was lolzing and ROFLing too… he even made a Golden Girls reference!



    Skip ahead to 5:30 in the video…

    We got over four diffrent flavors o’ soda!!

  9. its like the peppah monster from lost left the island and made a b-line into this pizza-ria uno

  10. After the opening Palin-Clinton opening, by far the funniest sketch of the night. “We got over four differen’t flavas of sodah!”

    It’s at the 2:20 mark of this youtube vid:


  11. i was determined not to crack a smile but that was just hilarious! let’s hope they don’t run this one into the ground…
    that smells like a peppa INFERNO up in this piece!! mark payne don’t serve nobody but the lord jesus christ!! LMAO



  13. The best part ….

    I’m not gonna bring you soda, cause it’s bad for yo’ week ass teef.


    Here’s some water, drink it with you mouf.

  14. I thought this Peppa/Pizz-er-iah Uno skit was freakin’ hilarious. I’ve been talking about it for two days. From the four different flavors of soda, to the cheese/bowl-of-hair bit, and then calling up Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt because “we got a Class 5 Peppa Twista on our hands,” I thought this skit was great.

  15. And yes, the Lil Wayne guitar solo was laughable at best. A for effort?

  16. Is your smeller broke?

  17. Another (and way better!) video of this at the UCB website:

    “It’s like someone hit me over the head with a lead pipe and then dragged me to an establishment where they only sell two things: pepper, and a FAN to blow that pepper around the room!”

    Too too funny…

  18. OMG! This made me so WEEEEAAAK! I’ve been looking all over for the video too. A CAT. 5 peppa twista on owwwr hands.

  19. I thought I would be the onliest one, that thought it was funny, but that blaccent to me is not actually how any or our people sound, it is the accent of those not of color that are down with us of color (does that sound crazy). I thought it was funny cause I have met men like that in person and it’s a little scary, but funny at the same time, and that “can you smell that Peppa” he-he-larious. “Can somebody please tell me that they smell that peppa” I might have to use that some how. I didn’t really see the whole lil wayne performance, but I admired anyone who tries to learn an instrument especially when I was a tramatized child because I didn’t get to finish my piano lessons. I hope he keeps learning, so that he can actually use it to compose music and not keep plucking people ears off.

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  21. Thank you. I’ve been searching everywhere for this video.

    I thought the 1st show was alright, then this skit came on.

    I couldn’t stop laughing.

    Thank you again


  22. it was personally my second favorite sketch that night after Fey as Palin. Dude just seemed like an over the top gay wigger or something i was dying laughing, I hope they bring it back.

  23. We’ve been yelling, “How can you not smell that peppa up in here?!” for days now. Loved it – you’re definitely not the onliest one.

  24. you can view it at
    and any other hard to find videos!!!

  25. I had to laugh, I swear I had service exactly like that once, and it was just as hilarious

  26. I saw it last night and laughed my ass off but none of my friends get it. If I think about “peppa” I tip over in laughter still.

    You are so not the Onliest One, BooBoo, OhKaaaay?

  27. It’s weird. I watched that skit with my parents when I was on vacation visiting them and didn’t laugh once. After I came home, I watched it with my boyfriend and some of our friends when they re-aired it and I was hysterical by the end.

    Anyway, good skit — I’ve had it in my head for days!

  28. I didn’t see this one (aside from just now watching the clip on here) but he did another one later on in the season that was just as funny. He was behind the bar…smashing bottles on it, then he would put his hands on it and say – y is this bar so sticky??? in that heavy “blackcent”

    did anyone see that one? and, I don’t mind a white guy doing a “black-like” character…just make me laugh.

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  30. Eh. I haven’t been a fan of SNL for years and this is why. Oh. And I hate Kenan. With all my heart.

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