debunked urban myth of the day

 so most black folk, i assume, have heard stories of other black folk namin their kids crazy and ridiculous names.  there’s always something new, but each time i hear the stories, a few names repeat themselves.  twins named oranjello and lemonjello (orange jell-o & lemon jell-o).  a kid named Shithead (shit head).  alize and moet.  a kid named yomajesty (your majesty).

well, i get a text from a good friend of mine today, containing a picture of a blackboard that he took at a middle school (i think it was a middle school) whereon the names of some unruly kids were written.  check out the first two names from the top.


yo got damned majesti.  and i didnt even recognize what the first one is.. bougie boogie had to decode it for me:  yo highness.

the photographer has been trying to tell me forever that these two kids existed and i just flat out disbelieved him.  im a believer now. 

a very, very sad believer.


11 responses to “debunked urban myth of the day

  1. The country of Africaland LOST!

  2. That can’t be real.
    I’m not doubting there’s a kid somewhere named Yomajesti.
    I’m not doubting there’s a Yohinace, a Dutchess or a Princess. Hell, I went to school with about 3 Princesses and a couple Queenies.
    I’m skeptical, but could be convinced that all four of those kids go to the same school.
    But for them to be in the same grade, the same class and all in trouble at the same time to have all four names written on the board is HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

    That being said… I had a pregnant friend who I had to talk off of the ledge. The ledge being her desire to name the baby Myeverything.
    She was crazy. Now, had she been one generation removed from slavery when people had REASONS to name their kids stuff like Myown (My Own) and Iona (I own her)… shout out to Julie Dash… then I’d understand.

  3. I just wanna know how to pronounce the first one. Like, is it Yo-hen-ah-chee? What are the origins of such a moniker? *le shrug*

  4. @jeanellesaitquoi

    that would be Yo-Hi-Ness (your highness)

    on the real, this looks like something that some kids did to an uninitiated substitute teacher that didn’t have a roll call sheet. give ’em a fake name and fuck around for the whole class period.

  5. 😦 what did those kids ever do to their poppas and mommas, aunties and uncles, grammas and granpoppas?!

    remember back when ppl thought ‘shaniqua’ (and its many variations) was soooo out there…?

    ppl are gonna start naming their kids numbers.
    little Forty is gonna be chilling with my kid’s one day 😦 😦

  6. harum-scarum haze

    i’m sad huarache never caught on. i used to lub them sneakers.

  7. It is sad. My aunt had to convince my cousin not to use Alize as her daughter’s first name. Instead she went with Jazmin Alize. *hangs head in shame*

    Oh, my people.

  8. When I used to teach, I had a set of twins named Myrackle and Mysstery. I looked at my class print out and thought it was a mistake. Sadly, it wasn’t. Still doesn’t top Luvlauhah (pronounced Love-lay-Ah or as one of my colleagues used to say “love-lay-her). I understand wanting your child to be unique (wait had one of them too…lol) but let their personality shine for them not their name.

  9. I thought that first one was pronounced Yo-Hennessy. Thanks for clarifying…I guess.

  10. When I was a teacher, there werea set of twins in the school named Male (Molly) and Female (Fa-Molly). I always thought people were lying (it was a big school with about 1200 kids) until I actually saw them and a teacher, called to them to come over.

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