im not saying that google makes a good presidential nom.

although, i think its true that maybe, juuuuuuust maybe, the more involved, active, and socially/politically important you are in life, the more likely you are to have multiple sites & links popup when you google your name.

take me for instance.  i haven’t done much of shit in life, so when you google me, you get nothing.  except for a playwriting contest that i won back in louisville when i was 17.

anyway, with that in mind, i decided to google barack “i look fucking amazing in a suit” obama and sarah “i can kill a moose with a flute” palin to see what they were up to in 2001 using this neat little site.  it allows you to search google as if it were January 2001.

put in barack obama and this is what you get (click to enlarge):


stuff about him bein in politics.  awards received for community action and whatnot.  not as much as you’d find today, of course, because this was 7 years ago.  but, definitely seems to be active in the political world.

now.  since her experience is often compared and equated with that of obama’s, let’s take a look at what palin’s political life was like in 2001, shall we?  google her and we get:

…the google equivalent of tumbleweeds.

i even did another search and put quotes around her name to make it a more direct search.  that REALLY didn’t go well.

i mean, im just playin.

…but im sayin.

4 responses to “im not saying that google makes a good presidential nom.

  1. Who is “Barack J. Obama”, though? Jussein?
    I hope he wasn’t using a fake middle name, yo. LOL

  2. jeanellesaitquoi


  3. LOL ihsan i saw that too. the ‘J’ button is right next to the ‘H’ button though. maybe someone is a horrible typer?

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