i saw (read: heard) Obama!!!

Obama was like, down the street & around the corner from my crib this past saturday.  it was the last of 3 rather unconventional stops in Philly, including the northeast & north philly.  he went WILLINGLY into north philly.  mccain aint never been to north philly!  shit, I’VE never been to north philly willingly.  i guess mccain didnt go b/c its a bit more dangerous for him.  when one of the Fuslims pulls a gun out of his beard & tells mccains to put his arms up, his inability to do so is just gonna look like indignance & Ahkbar Jenkins just might get a little frustrated at the insubordination.

that wasn’t funny.  its wrong to make fun of his issues after all he’s been through.  stop laughing.

anyway, west philly was the last stop, so i figure since it’s close, i’ll head down around 11 (he was supposed to go on at 1).  by the time i got down there, there was at least 2 million ppl there.  i stopped counting at 1 million because my brain got tired.  we were all still corraled in the line well after 1, when he was supposed to start speaking.  by the time my portion of the line reached the viewing area, the street was full of ppl pushed back for a good 2 blocks, so i didnt get close enough to see him 😦

but still though, it was so THRILLING!  seriously, i compare it to the first time i ever saw The Roots perform live; i cldn’t see them very well, but YO!  it was the Roots, alive and in person!  it was like meeting a superstar; quite a rush.

the speech he gave was pretty much the standard that you tend to hear at such events.  full of hope and change and not more of the same and mccain is out of touch and whathaveyou.  he’s such a personable person though; he just started talkin to the audience abt pie in the middle of the whole thing, branching off from a story abt stopping on the campaign trail because he wanted some pie.  ‘pie,’ he said.  ’cause that’s what i wanted.  some pie.  you make pie?’ he said to some lady in the audience.  ‘what kinda pie you make?  sweet p’taytuh pie?’

for some reason, him saying ‘pie’ over and over and over again was the funniest thing in the world to me.  and i thought to myself:  how wld this be goin down if it was creepy old man mccain having this conversation, what with his deliberate blinking and dead-behind-the-eyes stare?  itd just be odd.  he has like, 0 people skills and less believable charisma.  but, obama likes pie.  he said it and i believe it.  and as God is my witness, if i ever get that man in a room alone, best believe i will be wearing sweet potato pie-shaped nipple tassles, holding a sweet potato pie in each hand.  take that to the bank.

anyway.  he later told the crowd not to be ‘hoodwinked’ or ‘bamboozled,’ in that order.  that was pretty much a big WINK WINK to black folk, as if to say ‘see?  i aint forgot, now!’  i know, boo.  mama knows.

since im 5 ft 3 and a quarter and was surrounded by a grillion ppl, i was pretty much only able to get pictures of the faces of other rally attendees.  there werent many standout shots, but here are a few.

they gave everybody one of these stickers; i wore mine all day.

si, se puede!

si, se puede!

they prolly laughin abt the pie

fists punctuating a chant

fists punctuating a chant

i wasnt the only one to wear my obama sticker all day; the whole of west philly was completely obama’d out, long after the rally, from stickers to buttons to shirts, young & old.

maybe i’ll get to see him sometime.  and smell him.  a gentle sniff behind his ear.  mmmmm

*pees a little*

8 responses to “i saw (read: heard) Obama!!!

  1. My mother was down there, too.
    Got just as close and took the same short person pics.

    I’m prolly never gonna get to see him speak live, but I’ll settle for the inauguration and 4 State of the Union addresses.

  2. yo man, im tryna go to DC for the inauguration if he wins. u tryna roll?? ROAD TRIP!

  3. that’s dope!

    hmm, in one of my junior high classes i asked the kids what was for school lunch. not understanding at all one of the rowdy boys yelled “yes, we can!” after class he came up to me and asked, “sheena-sensai, do you know yes you can? do you know mister obama? he is next president, yes?”

    this experience was not quite as exhilarating as being fifty feet away from barack, but it still made my day.

  4. awww, sheens that’s awesome! im actually amazed–though i guess i shldnt be at this point–at the overseas support he has. i was in AC with a friend this past weekend, and we were in a cab after a day of shopping. we were talkin abt how we were gonna stop at this bar after we got back to our rooms to get a drink they called the Ciroc Obama, and our cab driver, who was egyptian, said:

    ‘no no no, please no. don’t talk about obama.’

    and im like ‘oh no, he must be a mccain supporter. how the fk did THAT happen?’

    so we’re talkin to him and it turns out he’s an Obama guy; he told us not to talk about him because he thought we were talkin BAD abt him. once we cleared that up, he told us about how much everybody in egypt & northern africa love him & consider him one of them.

    then he said if he wins the election, he’s giving ppl free cab rides all day. i thought abt getting his number and callin him down to philly to chaufer me around, if that’s gonna be the case. lol

    its awesome tho.

  5. lmao.

    one of my mom’s co-workers not only got to shake his lovely brown hand but, when the crowd surged and pushed her forward

    which means that his arms were wrapped around her body….

    *insert glee-filled shudder here*

  6. yo if i see your mom’s coworker on the street im smackin her on sight. i am SO JEALOUS 😦

    good thing i dont know what she looks like!!!!!!!!!

  7. Fuslims pulls a gun out of his beard & tells mccains to put his arms up, his inability to do so is just gonna look like indignance & Ahkbar Jenkins just might get a little frustrated at the insubordination.

    I love this line…And I can’t stop laughing because I too mock his short handed…literally…handclap

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