from Danity Kane to Damnity Shame

ive been waaay behind on all the trashy tv out there in the world today.  ‘making the band’.. i dunno, it just got boring to me, so i havent been watching it.  and of course, when i stop watching it is when all the good shit happens.

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so as the world knows by now, aubrey and d-woods are out of the group.  that’s not the focal point of this entry.  i’m all about moving on and rebuilding, so i propose that we jump straight to business and find a new member or two to fill in those missing spaces.  i have a couple of what, in my estimation, are good candidates.  in no particular order, im thinking:

**Stoney Jackson. dude.  it’s time somebody gave stoney some real work.  can he sing?  iono, maybe.  can he still dance?  who cares?  i’m just concerned for him and any children, if he has them.  in the midst of this recession, im thinking stoney’s gonna be the first ‘please sir, can i have some more’in in the bread lines, by the looks of his upcoming project.  he’s got a hungry jheri curl to feed.  somebody have mercy.

**Cedric the Entertainer. i actually chose this one for his musical and dancerial merits.  ced’s singing is cool.  he might could stand a lesson or two from this legend, but he can hold his own.  he got the dancin on lock tho.  the image of him poplockin in an overly sequined outfit just makes me feel so warm inside.  plus you know how he was like, always lookin for a reason to sing and dance on the steve harvey show and in his comedy specials?  let the man gon’ head and have a shot at the stage.  there’s no way he can be any worse than scarlett johansson.

**T-Baby. im thinking that this is definitely the main way to go.  i think T-baby, whose hit single ‘it’s so cold in the d‘ is KILLIN the internet right now (both literally and figuratively).  it’s the perfect way to introduce a new group of listeners to Danity Kane’s music.  n!ggas in the D aint listenin to DK, IT’S TOO COLD OUT THERE.  maybe she can help the girls keep peace once she figures it out how the fuck to do it.  also, homegirl with the constant roll & rock bounce should officially become the group’s choreographer.  boom-kat aint seein that.

**Charo. the girls are missing a couple of coochies.  charo has many to spare.

**Ceephus & Reesie. twinkaah.. twin-kuuuuuuh.. littuuuuh starruuuuuuuuuuuuuhh.. how iiii wunduuuuh…. WHERE YOU BEEN?!

2 responses to “from Danity Kane to Damnity Shame

  1. Dude… I never bothered to see what that “Cold in the D” thing was all about.

    It sure is cold up there.

  2. how the fuck would you posed to keep peace if you were there?

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