know the best thing abt this picture?

if you said my hair, then you’re lying because that was in the midst of a terrible hair week.  you’re very sweet tho 🙂

if you said the hint of cleavage @ the bottom, stop being nasty!

if you said my skin, go get some of philosophy’s hope in a jar!  i’m not sure yet, but i think i love it!

if you said my earrings, YOU WIN!  YOU WIN EVERYTHING!

those are my newest favorites, and they draw a good bit of attention everywhere i go.  ‘are those real keys??’ is the most common question.  ‘to your house??’ is usually the second.  a dumb look typically follows that.

these were made by the uber-talented, snarky stylista maria.  omg, she’s like 12 years old, cusses up a storm and makes some of the dopest earrings ive seen in awhile.  i dunno if she has more of the keys, and as much as id love to keep all of you from biting my steez, i give you permission to lift a pair if she does, all in the name of her success. 

ive been meaning to put her and like a billion other ppl in my links here, and im going to do that soon (i mean it this time!).  but in the mean and in between, go give her a holler, see what she’s wearing, read her rants, marvel @ her photog skills, be moved by her poemtry (quite the art fart, huh??) and BUY SOME EARRINGS.  tell her i sent you, and you geta free cookie!*  more designs below!  thank me later!

1  |  3  |  4  |  5 

*i can’t actually guarantee this.  its worth a shot tho, right?

2 responses to “know the best thing abt this picture?

  1. I thought she was a Monkeynuts alias, yo.

  2. what if i said your eyes? what would i win then?

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