wtf, philly metro. + way to go, j. andrew!

i meant to write to the metro (one of philly’s free newspapers) abt this, but i got sidetracked and then i just plum forgot. 

philly metro has gotten into this thing lately where they attempt to be funny and witty in their discussion of politics and the presidential race, right.  they sort of suck at it.  i love the metro, dont get me wrong but.. they just need funnier writers (IF YALL ARE READIN, GET AT ME).  in monday’s edition, someone wrote a segment called ‘5 things that can win it for mccain or obama.’   according to their list, the number 3 thing that john mccain can do, and i quote directly:

Get Michelle Obama to look as angry as you do.  People don’t like you because of your attitude?  Have you seen this woman?  She’s ready to go ghetto on someone’s ass.

now, im an asshole.  i appreciate the assholishness of others so long as it stops short of ignorance.  im not mad that they talkin abt Michelle lookin angry.  everybody looks angry sometimes!  but (can you guess what im finna say here?)…

WHY SHE GOTTA BE READY TO GO GHETTO THO??  i mean honestly!  if she was white she wldnt be no kindsa ghetto.  but naw, michelle’s bout to go ghetto.  sigh.  graduating from princeton and harvard, becoming a lawyer, and being poised to move into the white house apparently still aint enough for some folks to separate blackness and ghettoness.  lame move, metro.  someone with a better grasp of comedy and comedic writing wldnt have to take such a lazy leap tryin to get some laughs.  TWO DEMERITS FOR YOU.

monday’s metro saving grace came on the following page though, but not from its own writers; a one J. Andrew Smith of Bloomfield, NJ, sent in a letter to the paper, and i thought what he said makes a great quote so i wanted to share it:

Setting the record straight on Obama.  Let the record state:  Obama is 50% white, 50% black, 100% American, 100% Christian, 0% Muslim and 0% terrorist.  He represents a 100% change from Bush, not McCain’s 10%, and although less than 100% of Republicans are racists, 100% of racists vote Republican.

heh!  shut em down, J!

5 responses to “wtf, philly metro. + way to go, j. andrew!

  1. I don’t even get the joke here.
    Since when has she ever been the “angry Black woman”?

  2. that would be funny if it were on a friend’s blog— but come on metro. you have advertisers funding you, probably not with loads of dough, but still. that is so disappointed, although the name michelle o’angry did make me giggle. sounds vaguely irish :-p

  3. Woooooow, that’s almost in the same category of the NY times “satire” picture of the Obama’s in the Oval Office. Damn, what’s a Black family gotta do to get some respect around here?! I love that J.Andrews quote. I’m gonna look it up and post it on my blog. Holla at a revolution! Woot woot!

  4. J. Andrew Smith

    Hey Brokey, J. Andrew Smith here. Thanks for your support! I wonder if you saw this one a while back in the same paper:

  5. I didn’t see that in the metro but I did spot out some lame ass jokes before where I had to make a side glance like hold up now. No wonder my mother said she stopped reading them a long time ago. I don’t blame her.

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