1/2 of my fantasy

a wet barack obama?  check.

a wet and NAKED barack obama?  still workin on it.

pics via the huffington post.

9 responses to “1/2 of my fantasy

  1. strain you can believe in.

    just wait til i get home so i can photoshop that bottom image.

  2. haha. you ain’t right.

    maybe if you make one of those obama-girl type videos– he’ll call you. or you can always try to become his intern.

  3. freelance attorney alderman – my instinctual answer to that question is: ‘because the lord loves me & he heard my cry!’ but since i know the answer, i can respond with proper decorum; he was scheduled to give a speech somewhere in PA, but it was raining badly that day. he decided to give it anyway. gangsta + gorgeous. have mercy.

    bfnh – not even the full weight of your icy hatred can cool the barack-induced fires blazing in my loins.

    ms shai – LOL! do u remember the in living color episode where a vampire broke into wanda’s room and was trying to bite her, but she was too willing & he didnt want to anymore? i think that’s what wld happen with me + barackula


    sheens – if i would be offered the position of barack obama intern, id have to turn it down b/c i would most certainly ruin his political career or get arrested for stalking or murdered by michelle for eye-molesting her man. those are all 3 scenarios that i dont want to be included in, lol

    renee – im sayin! we need to school hatin ass bnh!

  4. damn.

    he sure does look good moist.

  5. Girl, you are killin me here…in a good way. I am almost in tears. Nice to see a fellow Philly girl in love with Barack too. lol

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