lulz.  obama ‘a mili’ remix by a.p.t.  this is prolly old news, but im just seein it (thanks, sheena!)

i thought it was corny at first, but i gotta tip my hat.

One response to “obamaobamaobamaobamaobooboobamaobama

  1. and i’d rather eat a field mouse, than to see john mccain in the white house

    tee-hee. and i love the part on michelle

    and, he’s okay, but his wife’s sick
    and her back’s thick, and her walk’s slick
    she’s a fly chick – i’d hit!

    hey— i have a great idea. i’m going to intern at the white house, after a few months michelle will fall in love with me. barack will be heart-broken and then you’ll swoop in to comfort him.

    i think this can’t fail.

    also, it is 7:13AM in japan and i can’t bring myself to get ready for school cause i am too obsessed with the election. i might call out!

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