who knew ‘scream queens’ wouldn’t suck?

pic via vh1.com

pic via vh1.com

so, while caught up in the never ending bullshit hurricane that is vh1’s reality tv show lineup, i accidentally watched the first episode of ‘scream queens.’  seem suuuuuuuper stupid, but i had just finished watching ‘real chance of love’ (also bullshit, but i cant stop watching for some reason) & cldnt find the remote to turn once it went off.

the prize for winning this competition is a breakout role in the next installment of ‘saw.’  its pretty much full of bitchy white bitches, bitchy asian bitches, and a black girl with absolutely no acting training or background whatsoever.   everyone else had acted & had training before.

now the word ‘bitch’ is something i use often, i admit, but i use it carefully when referring to other women, thanks to the womanist in me.  but yo.  there are some BITCHES on this show.  like, your stereotypical catty, backstabbing, snooty, call-another-girl-fat-to-make-her-cry type bitches.  there are maybe like, 3 or 4 that dont fall into that category.  so im all ready to turn b/c really, i dont need that in my life, not even in my tv set, when i notice tanedra.  as someone who was once often the only black girl in the room, i paid most attn to her to see what she was like & how she dealt.  and u know what?

she’s the most talented actress in the cast.  lol!  the girl with no formal training is slaying everybody else.

beyond that, i dunno, there’s just something really relatable and likeable abt her.  my friend, who hates reality tv shows but watches & roots for  tanedra, liked her initially because she is his age (28).  lol.  plus she’s not the bitch that everybody else is, which is refreshing, BUT, she makes it plain that she’s not one to be crossed.  example:  on last night’s show, one of the bitchy asian bitches had been poppin off at the mouth, right, just sayin ignorant racially charged shit.  they get paired up for an exercise where they learn to do stage fighting & stuff, and bitchy asian bitch hits her a couple times on purpose.  tanedra peeps game and gives you the look you mama gave you when you acted up in public.  then its time for tanedra to be the aggressor.  lol, my girl looks at the bitchy asian bitch and says:

‘you know you done messed up, right?’

LOL.  then she proceeds to kick the shit out of her.  lmao!  i LOVED IT.

plus i stumbled across her myspace page and read her blogs and she is just so humble and down to earth!  her story of being recognized in the street is like the cutest thing ever.

plus… okay!!  i see you!   work it on out, girl!

in conclusion, vote tanedra for president.  i mean scream queen.  im getting my elections mixed up.

One response to “who knew ‘scream queens’ wouldn’t suck?

  1. the show may not suck but that michelle chick sure does

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