come tell me about your Barack Day!

okay first things first:


oh my sweet, sweet jesuschild!!!!!  he was SCRUMPTIOUS!!  he had been lookin kinda old and kinda tired, but last night they got them clippers out, hooked up the hairline, shaped up the brows, moisturized the hell out of his skin, and BAM!  President Sexy reporting for duty!  WOO!

now that that’s out of the way,

CONGRATULATIONS YALL!!  im gonna have a long winded wordy response potentially with some pictures later on, prolly tomorrow, but really quickly i want to share with you the three greatest/most hilarious things i witnessed last night.

#1 – i was at an election night watch party at Sole Food here in philadelphia.  free drinks (sort of), free food (i never saw none), and a DJ.  after Obama won a key state, i cant remember which one it was…. the line dances start.  seriously, it was the blackest thing ive ever witnessed.  the cupid shuffle followed by the cha cha slide (has the cha cha slide officially replaced the electric slide??  cause they didnt play that one.  i dont think i’ll stand for that)

#2 – out on market street, right near city hall where they’re doing some drilling and work on the street, two construction workers (black) are sitting.  well one is sitting, the other is standing and leaning down to the other guy and says loudly, through a laugh:  ‘WE GON HAVE FRIED CHICKEN TOMORROW!!’ i instinctively dropped my head, but then i felt torn.  i said, ‘o, my brother, i am shamed.  but somehow.. i want to join you.’

#3 – this was perhaps my favorite.  i saw, with my two own very eyes, a white man walking the streets yelling: FREEDOM!  WE’RE FREE!!! FREEDOM!!

yall.  white people are in the streets proclaiming freedom… i think it’s official now.  lol!

the streets of downtown philadelphia were beautiful last night.  it looked exactly the way i imagine Juneteenth looked when i think abt it.

what was it like in your city??  did people take to the streets?

where did u watch it?  where were you when you realized he got it?

what was your initial reaction?

did you cry?

did you get drunk?

did you take off work today??

tell me all about it!  run!  run to the comments!  at least three people have to because otherwise i’ll look like the kid sitting by herself in the lunchroom!!!

7 responses to “come tell me about your Barack Day!

  1. as soon as i got the call i screamed, woke my mother up, ran outside and hopped immediatley in the car.
    broad street was crazy.
    they blocked it off at girard cause of all the students flooding the streets

    i was basically u-turning around broad and spruce for an hour until i parked and joined the melee.

    got hugged by a hot, bowlegged, possibly drunk white dude.
    high fived by many.


    it def was the greatest.
    i’m partying all weekend.

  2. i was headed to my boys’ show because im featured on one of his songs. as i set out to go it went from 100 to 125 to 185 to 207…i was watching on twitter lol…as i got to the performance venue i knew there was no service in there for me. i was so nervous waiting to go on stage for my feature…nervous for Obama. RIGHT before i get on stage they announce on stage that he just won and we celebrated on stage. it was AWESOME

  3. Well first of all, Obama was surely the finest I’ve ever seen him. OMG! His skin was like butta!! and his speech was just real and honest! his mental game is def on point. I’m from TN & people started shooting off fireworks and GUNS (no lie) when he won. We had the day off yesterday to vote so that was cool. The only other thing i’ve seen were all the McCain-Palin signs being taken down this morning on my way to work. now that was satisfying my friend! and all the newspapers keep selling out

  4. I had spent most of the morning at my local Obama campaign HQ after voting, doing work here and there. (Canvassing. Driving voter to a poll. Checking up on an issue at one polling place.)

    Then I had to go into work… Yadda, yadda, yadda.
    Watched MSNBC coverage on the comp until 10:30 or so.
    Then I hit the road.

    I’d just pulled off 95 N to head for the lil’ shindig that “Renée Raddick, Esq.” up there posted up.

    Sat at the light at Washington and Delaware when the polls on the West Coast closed…
    KYW called the race then and there, and I drove through a fairly quiet South Philly onward to my destination.

    It was good. The people felt good. The mood was good.
    Broad Street was off the chain for the 3rd time in a week!

    Man… I wanted to go and bust open the GIANT PINATA and shower in candy.

  5. after the victory speech, my homegirl texted me, “is it me or did he just get finer?”
    my response, “hell yeah he did!”

    lawdhamercy, i hope he only pulls it out for michelle.

  6. Hey Ashe,

    I gotta say, I still have tears in my eyes from all the laughter I had while reading through your blog. I LOVE IT!

    That’s it, I’m bookmarking you. You’re hot. Like, seriously. 🙂

    I did a write up on Obama’s victory. You can check it out and let me know if you like. I’m going to read through the rest of your blog. I gotta git me some more a dis…


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