this blog sucks.

generally speaking.  in terms of setup and stuff.  my tags and categories are a veritable orgy of confusion, chaos, and riot.  i dont have an ‘about me’ page.  i may as well have no social networking buttons at all.  just a mess!

but the good news is that i finally put off the procrastination til tomorrow and started working on it.  🙂

up at the top, you’ll see two new pages:  holleration in my dancery, known also as the contacts page, and the little makeshift text heart.  housed here are links to good reads, good friends, good sports or any combination of the three.  if i read you or like you or am gratious to you for linking to me, you should find a link to your spot here, eventually if not already.

yall gon hafta help me with that part!  if ive been tellin you for 15 years that ima link to you, or if you’ve linked to me, and you dont see your site there, 1 – cry about it on your own time, b/c omg i am so tired of you people browbeating me!  have you no humility??!  2 – kindly and calmly email me or leave a comment for me & let me know and i’ll fix it, i promise 🙂

still got a lotta work to do, but this is a good start.  yay me!

that’s all!  go click some links!  they’re worth it, i promise!

2 responses to “this blog sucks.

  1. ? @ ihsan
    you’re linked!!

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