marjorie nooooooooo


laaaawd why yall didnt tell me??!  i havent seen the show in weeks!  i happen to tune in to the last half hour of the finale and this is what im greeted with??!  precious lord, take my hand!!

like, i barely REMEMBER these two broads left.  the runway show?  they were TERRIBLE!  just stompin around up there like a couple of drunk yeti!  and freakin mckey?  i have no idea what her face looks like because i cant get past those parachutes she’s passing off as ears.  ugh.  i am outraged.  OUTRAGED!!!!

so yeah, i didnt see the ep where the was exed, but im readin abt it @ wikipedia and it says she won the challenge that episode.  what the frick?  how you win the challenge but lose at life??!  smh.  i just dont understand it.

its okay tho boo.  you got more talent in your awkward little pinkies than this two chicks have in their entire lives and personalities.  we gon see you again!

oh, btw, the winner this cycle is…


what in the damn shitty assed name of blasphemous hellfire is this.

this season BLEW.

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