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too much, even for me?

if anyone has read more than three entries here, then you know how i feel about Obama’s sexiness.  and what you know is the tame version.  if i told you how i REALLY felt, you’d look at me like this.  and then you’d be all like this.  but, i bet at least one or two of yall freaks would be like this, and i worry for your souls as much as i do mine.

but, my friends, as big an Obama perv as i am, i saw this and & i was like THIS.


i got this from bourgie who got it from glennisha morgan who got it from necole bitchie.

now, this really made me check my pervishness.  a lot of people see this as disrespectful.  if so, then is my open unbridled lusting for him disrespectful too?  i dunno.  this is extra and a mess, but iono that id call it disrespectful.  but, i gotta try and put myself in barack or michelle’s shoes.  if i was barack id either think A – fuck them, they’re calling me a dick, pretty much; or B – hell yeah!  bitches want me in they vajayjays!  if i was michelle, i might feel peeved.  or, maybe id shrug my shoulders and say ‘ah well.  he’s famous.  people fantasize about famous ppl all the time.’  or maybe id be like, ‘let them hoes dream abt havin him while he’s laid up with me.  I WIN YOU LOSE.’  i dunno.

do yall feel this is disrespectful?  funny?  just plain sad?

banned advertisement of the day

this is a banned ad for Diesel clothing.  we could talk abt the hypersexualization and depersonification of women in this ad

we could discuss the affirmation of the stereotype of the black male as sex crazed & hungry for white women

but… damn that, I NEED SOME OF THESE BOOTS!!

um, particularly those purple ones.  at the top there.  …ahem.

more here.


milf from real chance of love looks like hatchet face from ‘crybaby.’




the best advice i could ever give

is this:

the next time the Roots are performing anywhere near you, GO SEE THEM.  it could be your last chance for it in awhile… they’re retiring.  no more Roots tours beginning March 09.


they’re the new house band for Jimmy Fallon when he replaces Conan O’Brien (which totally doesn’t make sense in my head, but whatever).  this is cool, assuming the Fallon won’t stick up the place and fuck around and get cancelled.  so, on the upside you get to hear them every night.  on the downside, this means the death, or at least dramatic reduction, of live Roots performances, and that, my dear babies, is a HUGE loss.  The Roots are hands downs one of the best live performers ive ever seen.  its high energy, start to finish, always a long set, always full of your favorites peppered with incredible spontenaity and variation (the benefits of playing your own instruments vs rhymin over a lame ass instrumental blasted out of a souped up casio).  and fine ass 5 foot black thought & Tuba runnin around gettin sweaty on stage. 

my heart is definitely heavy over this.  i mean im happy for them and all.  them dudes is what, closin in on 50 years old?  they prolly tired.  lol. 

and now, in closing, id like to share with you the first time i ever saw the Roots perform.

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soap opera catfight of the day + puppies + another hi8us

hi all!

sorry for the disappearing act lately; ive been moving to a new spot and it is 3 hells of a job.  but, im done now, but i’ll be unpacking for like, the rest of the year, and im also behind at work (again) so i need to play catch up (again).  so, updates will be sparse for awhile. 

so, to keep you sated, here’s today’s soap opera catfight of the.. day (pardon my redundancy).  yall remember ‘generations??’  LOL.  sadly, this is some of vivica’s best acting.

also, whenever you’re bored and there’s nothing new here,  swear theyll keep you entertained all day.

thanks, billiam!

come tell me about your Barack Day!

okay first things first:


oh my sweet, sweet jesuschild!!!!!  he was SCRUMPTIOUS!!  he had been lookin kinda old and kinda tired, but last night they got them clippers out, hooked up the hairline, shaped up the brows, moisturized the hell out of his skin, and BAM!  President Sexy reporting for duty!  WOO!

now that that’s out of the way,

CONGRATULATIONS YALL!!  im gonna have a long winded wordy response potentially with some pictures later on, prolly tomorrow, but really quickly i want to share with you the three greatest/most hilarious things i witnessed last night.

#1 – i was at an election night watch party at Sole Food here in philadelphia.  free drinks (sort of), free food (i never saw none), and a DJ.  after Obama won a key state, i cant remember which one it was…. the line dances start.  seriously, it was the blackest thing ive ever witnessed.  the cupid shuffle followed by the cha cha slide (has the cha cha slide officially replaced the electric slide??  cause they didnt play that one.  i dont think i’ll stand for that)

#2 – out on market street, right near city hall where they’re doing some drilling and work on the street, two construction workers (black) are sitting.  well one is sitting, the other is standing and leaning down to the other guy and says loudly, through a laugh:  ‘WE GON HAVE FRIED CHICKEN TOMORROW!!’ i instinctively dropped my head, but then i felt torn.  i said, ‘o, my brother, i am shamed.  but somehow.. i want to join you.’

#3 – this was perhaps my favorite.  i saw, with my two own very eyes, a white man walking the streets yelling: FREEDOM!  WE’RE FREE!!! FREEDOM!!

yall.  white people are in the streets proclaiming freedom… i think it’s official now.  lol!

the streets of downtown philadelphia were beautiful last night.  it looked exactly the way i imagine Juneteenth looked when i think abt it.

what was it like in your city??  did people take to the streets?

where did u watch it?  where were you when you realized he got it?

what was your initial reaction?

did you cry?

did you get drunk?

did you take off work today??

tell me all about it!  run!  run to the comments!  at least three people have to because otherwise i’ll look like the kid sitting by herself in the lunchroom!!!


lulz.  obama ‘a mili’ remix by a.p.t.  this is prolly old news, but im just seein it (thanks, sheena!)

i thought it was corny at first, but i gotta tip my hat.