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is… is that an ab??


commence:  obama lust

initiate moist panniedrawls in T-5… 4… 3… 2…

what is wrong with groovin?

i am completely in love with this song and this woman. i stumbled across it one night whilst listening to random songs played by this guy. neither of us had heard it before, nor had we heard of the artist. her name is letta mbulu and sister got PIPES. i read up on her a little bit; she’s south african, born & raised in soweto, fled in the 60s to escape apartheid, ended up a jazz singer in america singing and working with some really big names. holla @ wikipedia for more detailed info.

so after hearing that song i went and intended to youtube and omg, she has sooo much wonderful music.  she’s still alive, and still making music; her latest album came out in 2005.  i really, really want to share ‘what is wrong with groovin’ with yall.  its been in my head for days and it’s just aces.  just aces!

i’m also putting up ‘music in the air’ b/c it is also aces as well in addition to ‘what is wrong with groovin’ too.  thank me later!

a very unfortunate picture of michael jackson.

so. i lifted these from listoftheday.

here’s michael jackson some days ago out in public wearing a zorro mask for reasons that i’m sure have even sweet baby jesus mystified. and now, here’s michael getting into his ride:

is… is that… is that a collage of naked babies sticking out of that bag?


wtf, ikea?

dear ikea:

hi!  it’s me, brokey.  i was just in your store a couple weeks ago.  bought a neat new cover for my couch, and a really nice entertainment center that was a bitch and a half to put together, and a bunch of things for my kitchen.  i spend lots of money at your store.  but honestly?  you finna fuck it up and lose all my dollars.  here’s why:

im gon give you herpes with my mind!

"i'm gon give you herpes with my mind!"

i flat out do not approve of these commercials you got spreadin around with that creepy lady creepin all up in people’s spots just bein creepy.  like, why?  is that what’s gonna happen when i get some ikea shit?  she gon appear in my bed talkin crazy?  IN MY BED???

for real, this is like burger king creepiness.  whoppers are tasty enough for me to tolerate waking up to the burger king though.  i think i’ll quit ikea before i come home to Sister Jenkins layin out on my couch in her sock feet watching me with a knowing smirk that says:  ‘ …..uh-HUH.’

hell no, ikea. hell no.


ps – the instructions included with that entertainment center were SO SCREWED UP.  i totally had to figure out like 4 omitted steps by myself!  i almost said ‘fuck it’ and made a squirrel house.  but i hate squirrels so i went ahead with it anyway.  lucky for you i am a genius and it worked out.

…. of the day, part 2

..what in blue farting fuck?!??

the trying-to-fill-big-shoes girls club

two episodes into the new season of ‘the bad girls club’ and im making this face:

i mean its not that its boring.  it’s got the makings of good soap opera fodder.  its just not tanisha running around bangin pots & pans & imploring everybody to pop off, or nasty ass whats-her-face pissing in sinks and juice cartons.  lol.  i wldnt call the new chicks ‘bad’ necessarily.  or maybe its just that i wldnt call them ‘bad’ compared to the girls from last season.  this season’s group is… annoying.  really annoying.  they yell and scream and cry over nothing all the damn time.  ugh.

i wonder if its maybe because the girls seem so much younger this season than last?  i mean all of them look and act like they’re in their early 20s, and that’s what girls in their early 20s (typically & stereotypically) do.  yell, cry, scream, and cry.  i dont know how old tanesha nem were, but they seemed older, and one of the chicks from the season before, in my opinion, was pushin her late 30s & lyin about it.  lol. 

i dunno.  so far its corny compared to last season.  but i think anything would be after all those shenanigans.

im gonna watch anyway though 😦  lol 

a quick rundown of this season’s brats:

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im so buying andy samberg’s album.

so generally in snl skits, andy samberg is just alright.  he’s good for funny freeze faces.  but where he really shines?  the digital short music vids.  ‘jizz in my pants’ is pretty much gonna be my song of the week.

turns out this is the first single from his comedy trio The Lonely Island.  dude.  i am aaaaaaaaaall over this shit!  andy’s clearly a great writer, and he’s got a knack for putting words + melody together and mixin in some funny and comin out with some great stuff, as evidenced by lazy sunday, dick in a box, and natalie portman’s rap.    ‘jizz in my pants,’ lyrics & funny aside, is actually a good song!  lol the breakdown is *hot* and the whole thing sounds very timbaland/justin timerlakeish.

speaking of justin timberlake, i move that they just go ahead and make him part of the SNL cast already.  he’s there like every week!

and in closing, here’s andy’s ‘space olympics’ for good measure.  more info on the lonely island here.