dark nonsensical german techno song of the day

this is a bit of a blast from the past.  when i found this i seriously listened to it everyday.  it should come on the radio.  this shit is awesome.


9 responses to “dark nonsensical german techno song of the day

  1. you showed me this years ago i remember hahaha

  2. How does dude know he doesn’t like chili if he’s never had it? You’ve gotta be willing to try new things, man!

  3. I am sorry to say that due to a buffering problem, I can’t watch the whole video. However, from what I saw, the video was AWESOME. And the banana hands were scary. And looked more like plantains, really.

  4. JANIEE!!!

    wait, is this my janie? from transy? if so,

    HI JANIE!!!!!

    you must see the video! your life is no complete until you witness the milky pirate!

  5. Indeed. I am that Janie.

  6. LMAO!!!! you vana know vy? I’ll tell you vy

  7. Omg. I am so scared to watch more than 15 of it.

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  9. how do i get this song for free for my i-pod it is a B.A. song and i want it for it so can you help me

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