what would jesus wear?

so designers everywhere are clamoring to get michelle’s bits and pieces into their designs for her boo’s inauguration.  i just took a look at some of the sketches and she’s got some great choices!  unfortunately, she has some sucky ones too.

these caught my eye, for better or for worse:




Monique Lhullier.  i really like this one because i think michelle’s skin tone carries red really, really well, and she’s got like 1800 miles of legs to rock that dress with.  perfect for the length and flourish of the dress.  go nique!








Caroline Herrera.  the shape of this one really caught my eye.  it’s very, how you say… VA VA VA VOOM.  lol.. this may be a little too sexy for the occassion at hand, because if it’s supposed to be as clingy as it looks, we might be in for some dangerous curves once this gets on michelle.  this isnt a bad thing, mind you; michelle has a GORGEOUS figure.  but, yknow.  dont wanna slink it up too much for the inaugurals.







Betsey Johnson.  it’s been established that she’s got some screws loose, but madness often breeds genius, especially in her case.  unfortunately, madness also has a tendency to breed… more madness.  come on, betsey.  red white and blue?  could we get a little more cliche and gimmicky?  please?  she doesn’t have to dress like a flag to prove she’s a patriot!  they’ve won already!  let the woman have some dignity!









Chado Ralph Rucci.  looks like the front of a mahogany card.  instant veto.









Koi Suwannagate.  oy.  is that a cardigan?  we learned our lesson about throwing cardigans in haphazardly with otherwise beautiful gowns the night of the election.  and if it’s not a cardigan, what the heck is it?  even without it.. is the dress made of flowers?  or is it just a flower print? 

whatever the case, i vote no.








Marc Jacobs.  i must say, i was worried about what ol’ man skirting marc jacobs was gonna dream up for a moment there, but just for a moment.  marc makes some great choices (when he’s designing for other people, at least).  this is among my favorites; i really like the cut of this dress.  accentuate them hips & without over doing it.  & i love the pairing of the colors used.  i approve!





Christian Lacroix.  wtf.  christian submitted several mistakes, and all of them feature michelle being in some kind of strangle hold by the clothing.  as long & gorgeous a neck as michelle has, he’s obsessed with covering it up, i dunno wtf gives.  i also dont know wtf gives with this cape shawl noose scarf thing he’s got on her in this particular sketch.  and again with the flag detailing!  OVERKILL! 






Oscar de la Renta.  i’d really love to see michelle in this dress, at some point if not at the inauguration.  i think the colors gove some great accessorizing potential, and its juuuuuust sexy enough for the occassion.  pretty pattern.  and again, it’ll look great with her skin and figure. 

and if you must do red white and blue, this is how you should do it.  on 3 different bodies, not one.  jeez-o-pete, betsey!



you can see more sketches and lable your hits and misses here.

3 responses to “what would jesus wear?

  1. That patriot joint looks like those rocket popsicles.

  2. The Lhullier is so freakin’ gorgeous. I’d love to see her in that or in the Oscar. I’m so shallow, but I’m really looking forward to seeing her style as First Lady. You know, cause I’m all about what’s important.

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