im so buying andy samberg’s album.

so generally in snl skits, andy samberg is just alright.  he’s good for funny freeze faces.  but where he really shines?  the digital short music vids.  ‘jizz in my pants’ is pretty much gonna be my song of the week.

turns out this is the first single from his comedy trio The Lonely Island.  dude.  i am aaaaaaaaaall over this shit!  andy’s clearly a great writer, and he’s got a knack for putting words + melody together and mixin in some funny and comin out with some great stuff, as evidenced by lazy sunday, dick in a box, and natalie portman’s rap.    ‘jizz in my pants,’ lyrics & funny aside, is actually a good song!  lol the breakdown is *hot* and the whole thing sounds very timbaland/justin timerlakeish.

speaking of justin timberlake, i move that they just go ahead and make him part of the SNL cast already.  he’s there like every week!

and in closing, here’s andy’s ‘space olympics’ for good measure.  more info on the lonely island here.

3 responses to “im so buying andy samberg’s album.

  1. I love that the king of R&B/dance/pop is bringing proper breakdowns back, seems like too many songs these days don’t have em.

    Iran so far away is prolly still his best work tho.

  2. Timberlake would be an awesome addition to the cast, but they’d have to pay him a grip to keep him.

  3. Haha, that was awesome. Oh Andy. And I’m with you on JT — I just wrote about that. He’s hilarious.

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