the trying-to-fill-big-shoes girls club

two episodes into the new season of ‘the bad girls club’ and im making this face:

i mean its not that its boring.  it’s got the makings of good soap opera fodder.  its just not tanisha running around bangin pots & pans & imploring everybody to pop off, or nasty ass whats-her-face pissing in sinks and juice cartons.  lol.  i wldnt call the new chicks ‘bad’ necessarily.  or maybe its just that i wldnt call them ‘bad’ compared to the girls from last season.  this season’s group is… annoying.  really annoying.  they yell and scream and cry over nothing all the damn time.  ugh.

i wonder if its maybe because the girls seem so much younger this season than last?  i mean all of them look and act like they’re in their early 20s, and that’s what girls in their early 20s (typically & stereotypically) do.  yell, cry, scream, and cry.  i dont know how old tanesha nem were, but they seemed older, and one of the chicks from the season before, in my opinion, was pushin her late 30s & lyin about it.  lol. 

i dunno.  so far its corny compared to last season.  but i think anything would be after all those shenanigans.

im gonna watch anyway though 😦  lol 

a quick rundown of this season’s brats:

Ailea – she’s billed as ‘the instigator’ in the opening credits (i think?) and so far, that’s pretty accurate.  she’s helped turn the house against one of the ditzy blonde chicks, at least for the moment, and is currently getting one of the other girls to turn against everybody else.  aside from that, she seems quiet, almost docile.  especially compared to all the other banshees in the house.

Amber B. – fairly innocuous so far, in my opinion.  typical girl to the nth power.  she apparently has a piece of shit boyfriend (hinted at him being abusive) that she hates and doesnt want to be with, but doesnt want anyone else to have him until she’s over him or with someone else, so she stays with him.  likes calling other girls ugly to hurt them (ironic b/c imo she’s nowhere near a looker.. projection, mayhaps??).  and… i dunno.  just a loud catty girl so far.

Amber M. – omg.  SO.  FUCKING.  ANNOYING.  do you know that this broad had the nerves to offer to give the other girls gifts/money/something if they would CLEAN UP AFTER HER??!  yo ida put my foot in her ass right then.  lmao.  she seems to be your prototypical whiny spoiled sheltered flighty blonde broad who has no idea how annoying she is or offensive she can be, as evidenced by her cluelessness in not being able to figure out why asking the potentially partially asian girl (ailea) if she can do a good chinese accent for the potentially racist joke she wanted to tell.  smh.

Kayla – she’s the one im most concerned for, not because she’s just sooooo bad that she might get hurt or end up in jail one day, and not even because of the way she gels down the top 3/4s of her scalp in order to try and make those wet & wavy tracts more believeable (though that is part of the reason, i admit); but she just seems so sad and lashing out b/c of it.  she’s the main one yelling and screaming and tryin to fight and gettin kicked out of places, and she always ends up in tears. she seems really lonely, and desperate for people to like her; after gettin kicked out of some bar/restaurant, she flipped out b/c she felt like nobody had her back, and was later crying abt how she felt like nobody liked her.  it was kind of heartbreaking!  & she’s all beefin w/ the other black girl in the house b/c she expected them to be butt buddies off merit of being black alone.. they’re not, and i think that’s really playing on her insecurities.  she feels unliked so she’s lashing out at her.  poor child.  she mad annoying tho.

Sarah – truth told, i dont even remember seeing this girl in either episode.  moving on!




Tiffany – this wld be the other black girl in the house, whom kayla expected to be best friends with since they’re both black and called tiff a fake bitch when it didnt happen.  i kinda like tiffany.  she seems genuine–wont be all in ur face if she doesnt like u–and really seems like she’s trying to better herself.  doesnt jump to scream in somebody’s face as soon as she gets mad, but rather takes a moment to cool out.  i dont think ive heard her raise her voice once.  one thing i really despise though is how she talks abt not liking loud, ‘ghetto’ girls.  i mean i get what she’s trying to say but i cant support using the word ‘ghetto’ as a pejorative, its one of my pet peeves.  points lost there.

Whitney – i put her @ number 3 on the ‘most annoying’ list, right behind amber m & kayla, only b/c she’s all the time screamin about boston.  im sure boston is cool, but it’ll never be cool enough to make people who are not from boston carea bout it like you do.  that said, im a fan of the boston accent, and so far that’s the only pleasure ive gotten out of hearing her speak.  cant remember too much that’s happened with her so far.  prolly cause so far its been the ‘kayla loud and crying’ show.

that’s abt it.  unfortunately i will probably be talking abt this again next week.  :/  i can feel my brain rotting as we speak!

2 responses to “the trying-to-fill-big-shoes girls club

  1. realityshowsnmore

    Yup these chicks are kinda lame huh?? The show is nothing compared to last season..we shall see how it goes.

  2. Ugh…where do I start?
    I watched another exciting episode last night.
    Yeppers, Boston is annoying. IM from Boston and even I’m embarrassed at how she feels the need to rep every two minutes. It’s almost like listening to one of those annoying rap songs where the rapper repeats his name and city over and over again.
    Sarah? I…didn’t even know she was on the show until last night’s episode. I was wondering where she came from….
    I don’t like Kayla at all. Ive known people like her and they are bad news. She’s either going to meet her match one day or end up in jail. By the way, I’m predicting that she’ll get kicked off. I don’t like that she got mad at Tiffany for not acting as “ghetto” as her when she was getting them kicked out of every place they went. I don’t like that she threw a tea kettle at Whitney. She wants to be the alpha female, but is doing it the wrong wat.
    Speaking of Tiffany, does anyone think she kinda looks like Raven Simone? Really weird.
    The Ambers are indescribable. Hearing them talk is like listening to two cats screech at once over nothing. They have no personality, and I think one of them might turn out to be a skank.
    Lastly I dont know what ailea’s deal is. She starts fights, snickers, and then cries later. She’s also dating an older–waaaaay older–guy she met online, her “sugar daddy”. (Another creepy subject in itself.) She’s kind of weird, and I can’t figure out quite what she’s up to.
    These girls ARE annoying. If anyone remebers Zara from the first season, it’s like watching seven different versions of her one sitting. I feel like the girls get more and more irritating every season. Seriously…WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE???????

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