happy new year! + an introduction to louisville

hi, babies!!

this feels weird!  i havent blogged in like 100 years!  im so sorry ive been treating yall like redheaded stepchildren, but what am i supposed to do??  dont NOBODY in my family have red hair.  also, ive been away on vacation in the beautiful semi-midwest/sort of  south in my hometown of louisville, ky where they apparently don’t have the internet yet.  no, they have it, my mama nem are just usin a dinosaur of a computer that stops working if you breathe on it too hard.   i had a great time and im still sort of homesick 😦  i even miss my dad.  i dont even like my dad.  

it was good times though.  now im back in philly, feeling refreshed and ready to change my life so that i may finally achieve my dream of graduating from Brokey McPoverty to Richy von Moneyheimer.  i dont really have a plan for that.  but!  i do have lots of ambition and determination that will hopefully make this blog the happenin spot it used to be.  this year i have resolved to get my hair in order, reclaim my  ‘girl, i will give you my WHOLE paycheck!!’ figure, and write more, here and elsewhere.  swurrdagaah! (that’s louisvillian for ‘swear to god’).  i’d like to kick it off by sharing this short video with you as an introduction to louisville, while i’m sort of on the topic.

so, if any of you, online or off, have ever heard me refer to something as ‘so louisville,’ this is essentially what i mean.  this is an actual ad actually running on actual television right now.  the footage speaks for itself.

son in jail?  call wadell!  daughter in jail?  tough tits!

lol how can u not love that?  can someone explain to me how you can not love that?

6 responses to “happy new year! + an introduction to louisville

    wow that’s a hot mess right there!

  2. lol WTF @ that ad — someone should make it into a song
    ‘son in jail? call wadell!’

  3. That ad wasn’t so bad. What about the Heavy Hitter? The Heavy Hitter is the way to go, dial 255-3000… It’s a song. And what about eastern Kentucky’s beloved Eric C. Conn. He has a billboard with a statue of himself sitting on it for goodness sake. And his law complex is a series of interconnected trailers.

  4. i dunno why it is so hard for me to believe that someone from louisville could maintain a blog as dope as your blog is. (i say that like i’m from somewhere “cool”) no offense to you or kentucky or anything like that. guess i’m just ignant.

  5. OMG!!! Janie, in Memphis we have a HEAVY HITTER as well!!! Corey B. Trotz is the way to go, call 683-7000!

  6. dang. that’s all i got to say, really.

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