im tired of being the center of attention! (c) naked, drunk, screaming crying girl

so i caught the latest episode of the bad girls’ club on oxygen, and i think its been the most substantial yet.  (editor’s note:  i am very ashamed that i just referred to something in the world of trashy reality tv as ‘substantial.’  i will have a long talk with God about this at my earliest convenience).  the past episodes have pretty much been chock full of screaming, crying bitchfights.  this episode contained… screaming, crying bitchfights.  BUT!  the ones doing the bitchfighting were a bit different this time, and i had the *uber* pleasure of seeing the screamingest, cryingest, bitchfightingest one finally get shut the fuck down and shut the fuck up for once.

before we laugh at that hen though, let’s laugh at this one!

this is the slightly less annoying amber who is uncontrollably attracted to douchebags and drama when it comes to the male sex.  so she finds some completely disgusting-faced dick at a bar who has arms the size of fucking tree logs, i swear to bob, who she says she likes because he reminds her of her ex, who was also a douche.  okay, whatever.  so she takes dude home with her or invites him over one night or something and i mean, this dude REALLY sucks.  he just sucks.  he looks stupid and says stupid things and looks REALLY stupid and he just sucks.  oh, he also lives with his ex-girlfriend.  LOL.  knowing this,  guess who gives it up?

bust it baby amber!  wooooooooooo!

that’s not the best part though.  the best part comes the next day when she’s surrounded by all the girls venting, pretty much talkin about how she’s too good for him and this that and the other, and their rationale is pretty much ‘you didnt fuck him, so you have all the power.’

BWAAAHAHAHAAA!  this broad was all on nightvision camera, face down ass up & everything.  but she just nodded her head like ‘yeah, no, of course i didnt give it up!’  even got a blog talkin abt how she kept her legs closed.  lol.  do you know that this is a tv show??  did no one tell her?  does she think that the cameras are actually really big bugs buzzing around or something??

this entry will definitely be filed under ‘LOL @ your life.’  okay, let’s laugh at the other girl now!!

so KC has issues.  inferiority issues, acceptance issues.  just issues all over the damn place.  she’s definitely the most dramatic, the loudest, the angriest.  she came up in the house like ‘i’m runnin these little girls around here, fuck that.’  and for the most part she kinda did.  she sure didnt last nite tho!

tiffany, the other black girl in the house, has been pretty calm and quiet, and in this episode she explains why:  ‘ive been quiet because i dont argue, i FIGHT.’  her patience had apparently been growin short w/ KC and it came to a head when KC completely bitchflipped after her dress ripped while they were out @ a club.  lol yo.. this broad gets in the limo and takes her clothes off.  all of them.  she is ass nekkid in the limo, screamin, cryin, mad at all the girls like they pulled them off her or somethin.  tiff tries to get her to stfu and KC–naked, screaming, flailing completely of her own will KC–says:

i’m tired of being the center of attention!

l.  o.  l.  she either doesnt know the definition of ‘irony’ or was too naked to appreciate it that night.  but come on.  really?

this was pretty much tiffany’s reaction and when they get home, she lets KC HAVE IT.  all the other chicks in the house are scared of her, iont care what they say.  they scared.  tiff went straight back to chicago tho, took her shoes off, squared up and omg.

KC got quiet!


seriously, she made this face: 

and then she softly said to tiffany:  “goodnight.”

to which tiff replied:  I AINT GOIN TO SLEEP, BITCH.

lmao.  i loved it.  i loved it a little too much.

am i still the only one watching this show??

2 responses to “im tired of being the center of attention! (c) naked, drunk, screaming crying girl

  1. LisaAngelaPamelaRenee

    Thanks for this. I was peeved I was gonna miss that episode and now you’ve helped me relive it. LOL @ not wanting to be center of attention while being butt naked!

  2. yeah, I hulu it, and check out all the episodes at once

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