i will not be told differently.

these jokers are related.  some kind of cousins or somethin.  they have to be.  look at that, they look so much alike!  look at they noses!  LOOK!!  you cannot TELL me that they dont share some blood somewhere.

am i the only one who sees it??  has anyone else ever thought/wondered this??

i bet they do that shit in texas yo.  that’s not southern hate, b/c i loves my south, lawd knows i do, but texas man.. i bet they aristocrats marry each other all the time on some ‘keep the power in the family and away from the mexicans’ shit.

i’m callin it.  they cousins.  or somethin.

4 responses to “i will not be told differently.

  1. dang, texAss doesn’t get any southern love from me. those creeps are out there.

  2. *clears throat* i’m from texas. and i can speak for the po’ black parts when i say we don’t play that! now the rich, white have never been above intermarriage. this is history, people. not conjecture. LOL!

  3. you know how dogs start looking like their owners? i think that’s what’s going on here. one of them is a canine. i wonder which one.

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