tweeting the recession

so.  im not sure how many of you out there are on twitter, but given the uberconnectivity of you kids in this day and age, i’d be willing to bet it’s a good enough number.  i, too, get on the twitter on occasion, via both my cellphone box and my internet machine.  ive made a technological step up & added my tweet feed to this blog, which you can find over there at the left, on the bottom *points*

anyway, if you’re up on twitter, you may also be up on secrettweet.  its pretty much what it sounds like; people send anonymous tweets to this account and they’re posted, anonymously.  im finding that most of them have to do with sex and STDs which, while entertaining, can be REALLY fucking scary.  other than that, the tweets are pretty much… depressing.  i mean you got folk tweetin about how they’re dying and nobody cares, or how much they hate their parents, or how they’re ready to just end it all.  heavy stuff.

ive never been a @secrettweet follower for that reason, but i do drop by the webpage and see what’s happenin there on occassion, and im noticing a trend:   this recession is REAL.  omg, like so many of ppl’s secrets have to do with money issues and woes.  u might cld get some reliable recession statistics from this! 









5 responses to “tweeting the recession

  1. I swear the internets make people more passive aggressive than they normally would be.

  2. I am new to twitter and thank you for keeping the masses informed!
    I didnt know about the secrettweet.

  3. ummmm… it’s sad… yet weirdly amusing

  4. lmao. i think everyone has these thoughts. i definitely had similar ones that would often freak out my roommate, cause there are some things most people (unfortunately most doesn’t include me) don’t say aloud… glad to hear about secret tweet.

  5. head in sand
    head in sand
    head in sand

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